Next years recruiting class

How good is the upcoming class going to be. Who are the top guys?

IIRC, UH has the top signed JUCO incoming class. Rest its hard to say until actually get on campus. I can say that 2 of the best hitters in Houston area last year A. Carr and J.Gonzales ( UT & TT ) were both playing JUCO by the spring, so tough to go by

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Yeah, it’s hard to answer because it ends to be a crap shoot beyond the tippy top guys.

There’s some talent coming in though, especially in the JUCO ranks. Might be our best class since three years ago when we got Lockhart, Villarreal, Bielo, Henry, Schneiner, etc.

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2020 class looks pretty good as well as far as HS talent goes.

Tell us Progs who exactly will come to UH for the 2020 team…need names and how they are rated and who recruited them other than UH…

@pray10 put the list up already.

We had two kids committed from Ridge Point…I know one decided to go to Miami but what about the other one?

We need a shortstop who can come in and play and a whole lot of pitching

Thank you for the list. Do you know much about this Banditos club?

Pendergrass (the Ridge Point kid) is Class of 2020.

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I will say that the two kids we’re getting from Southern Nevada (hopefully as they may end up going pro) look really good. That team is ranked #5 in the NJCAA as well.

Steven Rivas, OF, has some pop as he has 8 doubles, 3 triples and 9 homers to go along with 55 RBI’s. Slashing .298/.403/.516

Nick Rupp, LHP, is 9-2 in 15 starts, 5 CG, 3 shutouts, 2.11 ERA and a .195 BAA. 81 K’s in 85.1 IP.

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OF Luke Hammond from the Woodlands looks pretty good. The Woodlands are still in the playoffs and play McKinney Boyd this week. Hammond had a couple of homers in the bi-district regional game a couple of weeks ago.


2 kids from San Jac look pretty good as well:

IF Andrew Papantonis seems to have gotten hurt early on as he hasn’t played since February, but in 53 at bats he had 18 hits, 2 doubles, 1 triple, 2 homers, and drove in 14 while slashing .340/.417/.528. He played his freshman year at Virginia where he hit .250/.455/.500 in 16 at bats with a homer, a double, and 4 RBIs. Only issue seems to be injuries keep following him as he got hurt in high school and now JUCO, but he’s got some good pop.

IF Ryan Hernandez hit .295/.390/.409 in 176 at bats with 8 doubles and 4 homers for San Jac as well.

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Id also expect Luke Almendarez from Round Rock HS to be in the running at SS. Kid is a defensive wiz with a ton of speed. He’s a UH legacy kid as well as his father, Chris, played at UH and currently is the president of the Round Rock Express.

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Outside of Rupp, I haven’t looked too deeply into the pitchers, but I’ll probably do more in the offseason. I think we have a very solid group of pitchers coming in though.

Lukes a good one, HP3 kid

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fast kid, watched some of the RR vs CyRanch games. Cy Ranch has probably most dominant HS pitching staff i recall seeing…iirc both Goss and Thompson are projected Top 25 MLB picks…unreal

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I wonder if they recruit those kids out there…

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I really like the next two classes coming in and beyond. I think we’re recruiting well. We’ll see if it pans out. Rooney is considered a solid recruiter.

I do wonder if last year’s incoming class is affecting us. We did get Lovelace and Aguilar (two extremely important adds), but no one else really has a role on this team right now. Our depth is extremely limited due to that.

That was the transition class after Andersen left and Rooney came in.

Edit: Forgot about Randel; he’s been a solid hand for the past couple of years.

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I have noticed recruiting to be better now like for a year since Rooney joined the staff. Something about the '19 class just seems to have that “it” factor.


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