It’s good to have the next 4 games at home with a good possibility of becoming a 7-0 team. We’ll play the 4 games over a 11 day span. Our opponents…

South Carolina
Sam Houston State

On another note…next Saturday for Cougar fans should be full of anticipation.

We play SMU in football in Dallas at 8pm and a home BB game with South Carolina at 7pm.

I’ll probably have my television tuned to the football game and my computer tuned to ESPN+ for basketball. The question for me is which game to turn down or turn off the sound at 8pm?

My guess is that around 8pm, the BB game will be at halftime, so the football game will have the sound up until the teams return to the court.

Of course, it would be my preference that the FB game be played in the afternoon and the BB game in the evening, but they didn’t consult with me when they made their decision.

This 100% should be a 4-0 stretch. Not that we should ever sleep on anyone, but none of these teams are very good this year. In years past, UCF has been fairly good, but Tacko Fall isn’t walking through that door and Colin Smith opted out. They do have the Oregon transfer (CJ Walker) and some size, but the way we’re playing defense, I think we can handle anyone. I truly don’t see anyone scoring more than 70 against us this year.

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Saw where the FB game is going to be on espnu.

Well, that is assuming that no one coughs during the week ahead !


Thankfully, I have 2 fully functional DVR’s in the house. How did i ever survive without a DVR?? :slight_smile:

They need to move the time of one game.

i’ll be at the basketball game, so the question is do I peak at the football game or just watch the recording at home…hmmmm

South Carolina is a good team. A for sure top 75 team. Can’t just look past them. UCF intrigues me. Two body bag games in SHSU and Rice. Although, Rice did give us trouble last year. And then lost their two best players to the portal.

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rice and sam houston are body bag games…

south carolina is a good team, but we should over power them

ucf is unknown we find out how good they are tonight (vs auburn)…they have some intriguing players

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I’ve watched bits and pieces of South Carolina’s games this year and not sure what you’re seeing to make you think they’re a good team. Maybe it’s early season jitters, but a blowout loss to Liberty followed by a not-very-impressive win over Tulsa is not a strong start.

Time change may force me to miss first UH basketball game in the last 3 seasons

A time change to 5 pm is great for Coogfans.


fantastic adjustment by UH athletics…now I won’t miss anything

Hopefully, they will keep us updated in the FC . . . . . then off to someplace close to watch the 2nd half of the FB game, maybe . . . . .

With the time change…the BB game will be over before the FB game kicks off.

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Comment made prior to reading about the time change.

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At least you had the option to get seats for the whole season. I hope you don’t have to end your streak but rest assured knowing that most season ticket holders have already ended their streak.

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With the football game getting cancelled, do we move the basketball game back to 7PM?

Good question. It’s an ESPN+ game so it shouldn’t matter if the time was moved to 7pm.