NFL on Peacock - Playoff

Color me old fashioned, but now a playoff game on Peacock, if you don’t have it streaming to your TV, you have regular cable, you had to pay for it. Think the NFL powers have gone a little too far too soon with playoff games for pay Internet TV. Was it wrong to have a playoff game on Peackock? I say yes!, Thoughts?



Well, I think this is just the beginning. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the NFL gets sold eventually like the PGA did.

I only subscribed to Peacock due to me following EPL soccer but this is an embarrassment for the league.

Seems like it was a money grab to get all the Taylor Swift fans to subscribe to watch her and Kelce play.


imo, it will come down to viewers. if the texans-browns got much better numbers for a mid-day game then kansas city-miami with all the kansas city cype of the QB, taylor swift, etc; advertisers will say stay with the networks, we want the viewers.

We watched Peacock.

It cost zero. Have had it since last year. Zero cost.

The game was fine. Easy to watch. No cost.

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We have Peacock, so it wasn’t a big deal for us. If it was an app I didn’t already have I wouldn’t have signed up just to watch the game.

I think the NFL feels so untouchable they will do whatever they want and know the fans will still be there.

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Don’t think for a second that college football networks aren’t paying attention to the
Peacock numbers. Just when you thought that with the TP, and NIL, college football couldn’t get any worse…

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Streaming services I have are ESPN+, Peacock, Prime, and Netflix. Streaming service I chose is ESPN+. Streaming services my wife chose are Peacock, and Netflix. Prime comes with our Amazon Prime service.

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They aired it on NFL Network this morning.

I watched it there

What is the difference than games being on ESPN or Peacock ? They are both pay tv channels. This is the first year they have done this and this year the ESPN game is on ABC too but they hasn’t been the case the past few years. You might thank the writers/actors strike that has all the prime time shows behind schedule for that move.

ESPN is on most basic cable subscription packages. Peacock is a premium channel you have to pay extra for.

We have Peacock, but the NFL is being greedy.


Who still has cable?


We have Comcast. Works great and got its cost whittled down to acceptable.

Peacock TV selections are nothing special but a must have for soccer (English Premier League) and rugby. Rugby World cup last fall then 6 Nations Rugby starts on Feb 2nd.

They paid $110 million for exclusive tights. Offered a $30 dollar for a year special or a month for $6.
Did they get get close to making that $ back ?

Don’t think “Bait and Switch” is accurate but the thought is there.
There was no mistaking you had to pay for that game.


Me. Comcast, or do they call it Xfinity, to make it sound other-worldly, to jack-up the price?

I have Spectrum and Peacock isn’t available. There should be alternatives NFL. Kinda makes me ill.

They just mentioned it was the most streamed event in history.


I have Comcast and am very happy with it.