Nichelle Nichols and Bill Russel

In a condolences thread?


And if Wikipedia isn’t reliable, then how about The NY Times?

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Also, your source is far worse.

Its website heading is “Your Questions. Biblical Answers.”


Try to find something a bit more mainstream.

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Someone had to push race in a condolences thread, one of your buddies I think

You have no idea who my buddies are but lack of knowledge seems like a badge of honor to some. I’ll leave it at that.

But ok. A response to race is “cultural marxism”? You just showed your ass.


Here is first and ten’s “source.”

Don’t make me laugh. At least TRY to be a little bit more objective.

That child mass murderer in Norway used to also throw around that term. If that doesn’t make you even a little bit concerned about using it, then I truly don’t know what to say.

Readers of this blog are probably familiar with the phrase “Cultural Marxism.” I blogged a bit about its history on a couple occasions back in 2011. That summer, the phrase had been thrust into public consciousness when it featured prominently in the manifesto distributed by the Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik on the day that he murdered sixty-nine people.

Breivik seems to have gotten the concept from William Lind, an American political operative associated with both the Free Congress Foundation and Lyndon LaRouche’s organizations. Lind’s conception of Cultural Marxism was explicitly anti-Semitic. As Chip Berlet, who investigates far-right organizations, puts it, the theory is that “a small group of Marxist Jews who formed the Frankfurt School set out to destroy Western Culture through a conspiracy to promote multiculturalism and collectivist economic theories.” Lind began promoting these ideas in the late 1980s and continued to do so throughout the 1990s. In 2002, he even presented them to a Holocaust denial conference sponsored by the anti-Semitic Barnes Review .

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As a Christian, I’m pretty disappointed in that site. I read some of their “answers” and they are jumping off into politics far too much.

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uncle ! uncle ! uncle !

Isn’t there a statute on beating a dead horse ?

No educated person in the US should be using
that term.

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So why do you use the term 'cultural marxisim?
Where did you learm it?
What does it mean to you?
What do you think of its history?

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Do you plan to keep you using the term after being educated on it?

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We’ve had fear of “cultural Marxism” before.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Douglas MacArthur, however, was unmoved. He believed the Bonus Army was rife with extremists plotting “a reign of terror.” Rumors about communist infiltration of the demonstrators found traction in the city. “There were, in fact, radicals and Communists among the bonus seekers,” according to Thomas B. Allen and Paul Dickson, authors of The Bonus Army: An American Epic , “but they were an ineffective minority disdained and dismissed by the main body of the BEF.”

BTW, Star Trek had a diverse cast that included African Americans in lead roles. Previously, they had “Amos and Andy”. Star Trek was inclusive and more reflective of the makeup of the actual population as opposed to stereotypes. When Nichelle and Shatner kissed, racists lost their minds.

Why the crickets, why can’t you respond to this? Do you plan to use the term in the future? Have you taken in any of the information provided to you? Does that change whether you’ll use the term again?

So typical of this crowd. They run away anytime they are confronted with facts. They can’t even discuss their talking points because they are so disgusting

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Self reflection is gift not all have. :gift:

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What’s with the attitude?

Isn’t this supposed to be a “memorial” thread?

Are you trying to be cute while offending me?
Did you read the history on the term used? Now Chris you claim to be offended by uncle Tom, had it removed. But you come into a Michelle Nichols and Bill Russell post and aren’t offended "cultural marxisim’ . Maybe you can help out your homeboy and tell him not to use that term or associate with those that do?

Lol, get a life

You have made it clear who you want to be associated with, we understand the terms you use

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CAN YOU STOP your non sense.
This is about Nichelle Nichols and Bill Russel right? Not about you right?

Mrs Nichols was a very under rated actress. She was typecast like many others. R.I.P. Mrs. Nichols
Mr. Bill Russel. Where do we start?
Just think of how an amazing player he was and…6’10" His intelligence for the game translated into coaching. That speaks volume about the man. R.I.P. Mr. Russel.

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Both of them would be offended by the term

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