No meeting with PAC schools after all

Well, that was a fun five days

Grain of salt



PAC 12 is absolutely having meetings with Big 12


It’s pretty suspicious that this denial took three days.

But it’s extremely unlikely they’d be saying this (and burning themselves as a source with the SLTrib) if the Big 12 were still in play for Utah.


Have you ever played poker?
“Everyone I have a royal flush. Look at my cards”
What do you think would happen?

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Doubt :rofl:

Going into media negotiations everyone had to be on the same page like they don’t have a foot it the door. If not the offers are going to be in the form of Amazon gift cards. Strong media negotiations could save them or even put them back into a position of strength relative to the Big 12.

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Sounds like someone used Dennis Dodds at CBS – the guy who reported there were deep talks to add the 6 PAC-12 schools – in an effort to get the PAC-12 off its ass. That’s a big story Dodds broke and none of the other nationals guys – Thamel, McMurphy – followed up on it. Probably because it was hogwash.

Of course the schools don’t talk directly with the conference, they use lawyers


Techtards are shredding him in the comments. Also this guy claimed that Boise turned down the Big 12, so take him with a grain of salt.

The meeting today could be false and meeting still happen later. And I’m not surprised the 4 schools are acting together.

Not to mention, if this were 100% true, why wouldn’t Utah admin come out and say it?

You’re either pregnant or your not. He said they were pregnant, i.e., in deep negotiations.

Siituation like these, things are very fluid. When you start hearing nothing but silence ( not a lot of loose chatter) you know something is going on.

Oh, something is going on, but what isn’t going on is 6 PAC schools in deep talks with Big 12, or that would be reported all over America right now. One guy is reporting. Fishy.

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Two guys, I think. 247 Guy reported 4, then Dodd reported up to six.

Did the source have the Tom Herman eye twitch?


Because if they deny every wrong report out there, when they don’t confirm an accurate report, they tip their hand. School gains nothing to saying something.

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My point is if nothing was happening and they had no intention for anything to happen. They would say that.

I’m not saying they are bailing on the PAC. Just saying this doesn’t say they are staying.


I think averroes is right. Please hold the line, guys. Until I can get us a number. I’m sure it will say there’s no benefit to going over to those buck-tooth farm boys.

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There probably were meetings. Right now Pac 12 schools want to get an idea on their number with the remaining 10 schools and various expansion scenarios. You can’t get a fair, unbiased number if media partners believe the schools they are bidding on will leave. Denials and commitment statements are to reduce the bias so they can get a viable data point to make a decision.

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