No to Deion Sanders

No one wants that circus here. Its better to just get a good young coach who is hungry like Tom Herman.


What is the obsession with Deion all of a sudden? What is his record at Jackson St? Is he just all flash or can he really run a program and be a good coach?




He doesn’t have any connection to Houston or Texas other than he played with the Cowgirls back in the day before I was born.

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No to anybody with a losing record. If i have to go to wiki and see all time coaching is 50% or 60% 70% you shouldn’t expect different results here

Get people here that have Ws and show they care about winning

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That assumes he even would want to come here

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IF he wanted to come to Houston, and that’s a big if, we’d be lucky to get two years out of him. He would use Houston to get a big jump in salary, say all the right things, tell us Houston is a sleeping giant, and he can relate to today’s recruits. He would then get an even bigger salary from a bigger program and then where are we at?

“Box Office” will only get you so far. There is hiring coaches, dealing with the administration, alumni, media, players, fund raising, and recruiting. He has never recruited Texas for a Texas university. Different animal.

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What circus? The man clearly cares for his players. He’s a God fearing man. He’s one of the most motivational coaches ive seen. He has a winning record of 16-5 with 3 of those losses coming from his 1st season. He has TWO 5 star players on his roster (one of which was the #1 overall recruit in the nation) plus a myriad of other highly recruited guys. They’re averaging over 42,000 butts in the seats every game. And that’s all at the FCS level. And to just dismiss the man as if he has no clout in Texas shows how ill informed you are. I bet you didnt even know that he actually coached HS football in Texas for multiple years before going to Jackson State. Another recent former HS football coach just gave us an L last week, but somehow he was deemed worthy of a Big 12 job so im not sure why the hate for Coach Prime. He checks every single box that we lack and Holgi cant deliver


We’re a basketball school now…so we can afford whatever sideshow success (or failure) Coach Prime would bring.

I remember the building excitement Herman was growing here. I think Deion would bring similar vibes but ten fold.


If my son was still 18,years old and was graduating from high school, and I had to consider sending him away from home to play for Dana or Deon, that’s a easy choice. I just saying


I’m not going to lie, the thought of Prime coming here does intrigue me. However, I have a hard time seeing UH admin signing off on this. It’s fun to talk about though!


You are right they won’t. Just wishful thinking dealing with the clown we have now. It’s embarrassing when he speaks to the media. That is what Renu should be concerned about.


Then why didn’t he leave Jackson State this offseason?

Answer: he’s waiting on FSU.

But since FSU looks like they’re turning it around, I think we could get 5 years out of him. Hell, who knows. Maybe more. He’ll lived in Texas almost his entire adult life.

FYI. He was 11-2 last year. And won the SWAC. In hear 2.


He never left Texas as an adult. Even after he retired. His connections are deep here.


We may not even have a shot at Deion. He is doing something right at JSU, on a National show they were saying Deion to Auburn, as he gets what college football is now as well as being the carnival barker to hype it up and he has shown he can compete.

Somebody is going to give him an opportunity. Book it.


Why are people acting like he’s all hat and no cattle? He has been very successful.

(I doubt we have a chance with him.)


I agree about FSU. I’ll say this much…I would much rather have Deion Sanders than Urban Meyer.


Yeah, one thing to is to live here & another is to be coaching here getting familiar with HS coaches etc. I dont think Jackson St is in Texas. I may be wrong.

He reminds me of Penny Hardaway. Great player in his time, who is popular with recruits & has pizzazz! But i dont know long term if he would even be successful.

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You do know Deion coached high school football in Texas, right?


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