Non - U of H Basketball Talk week of 12/21

Fla St. 54-50 vs. Gardner Webb 7:20 left!

Fla.St. Is pulling away from Gardner Webb now. I didn’t want them to lose after UCF just beat them!

AAC Schedule for the week. Tulsa- Memphis playing right now in a very sloppy game…

Our Boise win is starting to look better and better.


Boise St. just dismantled 3-0 New Mexico. Now 5-1 with UH the only loss. They look really good. Gonna be a good win for us


Big win and only getting bigger!

At full strength (with Mills and Sasser) we are really good. Dare I say final four good.

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Gonzaga is playing NW St today. This is after playing NW St yesterday. I’m guessing this is due to covid cancellations and trying to get a full schedule in, but it just seems unusual. I’m sure it’s happened before, but I can’t think of a time when I’ve seen OOC teams play each other on back to back days in a non-tournament setting.

Who’s gonna watch the Cinci/UCF game at 3? Cinci is somehow -2.5 faves @ UCF. I don’t see them taking this one. Central Florida by 6.

I’m watching. Much higher quality game than the garbage last nite

ECU handling Tulane easily. Pirates have looked much better the last couple of games

ucf’s brandon mahan went from a subpar player to elite in 1 offseason

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UCF looks like its going to be in the fight for the league title.

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The guys definitely have a challenge on Saturday. I will take the under 20 with Mahan though

First 0-2 start for Cincy in AAC play. Looking like that tourney streak is going to officially come to an end this year. Nice win for UCF though.

UNC is another vastly overrated team


Texas Tech in a close one vs Oklahoma. 56-54 Tech, 6:43 remaining

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#14 Missouri down 2 at home against Bradley. 49 seconds to go

SEC refs helping Missouri.

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TT barely wins by 2.

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Never easy to win on the road