Nunnery in the Transfer Portal

7 starts from Nunnery but another level of LB needed w the long discussed issues w coverage and tackling

Not much back as far as total tackles. Morris (3 starts), Ceaser (11 starts), Nwanko (12 starts), and Cheeks (5 starts) Did I miss someone else who is back?

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Easy to pull for guys that graduated, he’s a Coog!


Our first disappointing transfer though I was disappointed in the production of a few from the LB position this past season.

Yes. Didn’t he come in w 2019 Class. RS that year pretty sure. Then 2020- Covid= free, played 2021, 2022 … 2 yrs remaining.

Tough, really liked the way this young man played.

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To start the season Nunnery played behind Jamal Morris, but by the Temple game Nunnery was starting and Morris was listed as his backup.

Nunnery played in 11 games and had 28 unassisted tackles and 18 assisted tackles for a total of 46. He had 3 tackles for loss, 1 sack and 2 pass breakups.

Morris played in 13 games and had 22 unassisted tackles and 20 assisted tackles for a total of 42. He had 3 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks and no pass breakups.

Nunnery became a key player as the season went on. I am sad to see him go, but wish him well.


Bad sign…very concerning…is he only the first?


The sky is falling

  • Morris passed him up IMO. Also Cheeks was very underrated. Not to mention we just added Willis and Harris who were former 4 stars. The LB room is getting more and more talented. I’m very satisfied with Morris, Cheeks, Harris, Willis, Payne, and Gardner. We only play 2 LBs anyways. Only so many snaps to go around.
  • Mannie was elite on special teams, very athletic and hustled at a high level but had a tendency to be out of place a lot. He was supposed to be starting this year with Anderson leaving but Robinson beat him out. Who is a lot less talented than Mannie. When Robinson went down Mannie should have been the clear cut guy next to Donnie but Cheeks and Morris were taking a lot of his snaps. I would have love for Mannie to be back. But I can tell Dana and staff are being very serious and honest about the talent needed at this next level. Not that Mannie left because Dana pushed him out I do not know that to be true. But the guys we are bringing in and prioritizing have to be real P5 dudes to compete

Its never a good sign to lose experience but everyone has their own unique reasons.

He got an offer from Florida …


One thing you can credit the staff on is we haven’t lost many key guys if any in the portal since this portal craze started happening. You could argue King but that was before the whole portal craziness started. Looks like guys who come here are usually really happy. Wish Mannie best of luck tho!

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I ran into his mom at one of the games and I could tell, based on the conversation, that this could possibly happen. Wish him well.

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I find the lack of nunnery jokes in this thread is disturbing.


The heck UF again?!? Wife is a UF alum. Guess I’m gonna let her tires stay under inflated!


Assume that includes NIL deal

Just saw that SMU & Arkansas State also extended an offer to him. Surely more will come in the following days.

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Yeah… The kid leaving to the SEC probably wouldn’t have made an impact here… :roll_eyes:

But y’all have made me feel better citing the remaining players and transfers… We’ll be good at LB.

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