Official Trading Cards came in

Got my pack today, I was missing Cedric Lath, and Darius Bowser. Signed card was Emanuel Sharp(happy with it cause he’s a beast, but was hoping for either J. Walker or Sasser)

Anyone else get theirs yet?

Side Note, there appears to be a piece of tape over the signature, does anyone know if thats just covering the sig for safekeeping, or did they just sign pieces of tape and stick them to the cards, lol?

Sounds like a sticker auto, pretty common but less desirable than on-card signatures.

The auto is on the sticker, so don’t pull it off!

Bowser and Lath are not part of the pack. Also the only possible autographs are Sasser, Mark, Sharp, Terrance, J’wan, and Ramon Walker, Jr. No Jarace offered.


Was hoping for the Elvin signed card.

I guess I’ll settle with my Sasser signed tape/card.

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Where did you get them? Hadn’t heard about any trading cards.

Here you go!

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Coooool merchandise! Can you share pics of these cards?

Peace, Paws :paw_prints: Up

I have never been a trading card guy but it’s cool to know that they have some for UH.

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Here a quick snap of my Sasser card. You get an idea of the signature tape from the odd reflection.