OL this fall

So far, in his quest to bolster the OL, CDH has signed two HS players. One is a 3 star and one is a 4 star. We also have a 3 star juco commit. I would expect freshmen OL’s to redshirt, learn college level techniques, and go through S&C to muscle up. However, Hunter may be an exception to that rule. I don’t know who we may be targeting for the OL in the transfer portal, but I suspect we are looking at a couple.

I think folks need to remember he effort our OL put forth in the Birmingham Bowl against a really good defense. most of these guys are returning. Our 2 deep this year consisted of 3 seniors, one junior, 2 sophomores, 2 redshirt freshmen, and one true freshman. When you consider that everyone other than the one true freshman, had a free COVID year and really have one year more experience and physical maturity. We also have 5 other kids who were true freshmen this past season that will be returning as RSFR.

CDH has been very intentional in developing our OL. If you look at the really good teams, a common thread is they have a lot of juniors and seniors on their 2 deep. We are getting there, but this is one spot that takes time to develop. Here are who we have for this fall so far:

52 Crim, Almarion 6-3 285 RFr
53 Derick Bowman 6-5 270 RFr
54 Atkins, Joshua 6-4 290 RFr
58 Ugonna Nnanna 6-4 265 RFr
59 Carson Walker 6-4 285 RFr
60 Sylvester, Trevonte 6-5 240 RFr
61 Benil Johnson 6-3 290 Jr
70 Jordan Boatman 6-6 295 Sr
72 Marcus “Tank” Jenkins 6-3 350 Jr
73 Cam’ron Johnson 6-4 305 RSo
74 Ruben Unije 6-5 305 Jr
75 Jack Freeman 6-3 295 Jr
76 Patrick Paul 6-7 305 RSo
79 Chayse Todd 6-2 290 RSo
Hunter, Demetrius 6-2 315 Fr
Jones, Karson 6-5 290 Fr


Why do I always hear commentator’s talk about a small Oline? our Jr’s and SR’s areaveraging 300 and over 6’3?

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It fits their narrative that P5’s are superior !


I think the BAMA’s of the world average about 330…

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Let them say what they want. Maybe we have better coaching or tougher athletes. All I know is this….we finished 12-2, which includes a bowl win over Auburn.


Bama’s projected top five pick OT Evan Neal is 6’7 350.


The Texans should pursue him. Possibly trade Tunsil for future draft picks.


This is one of the most important data point IMO. Is it easy to find 6’.7" or more players? Of course it is not. To be able to have multiple that have these metrics and are able to play is what takes you to the top.
Seifert, Madden, Belichick, Saban will always tell you that the game starts at the OL. The OL is at the core of every team’s success.

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Very good point. Interestingly, recently CDH mentioned that what really tends to set a lot of P5 programs apart from the G5 is the OL, which he refered to as “the trenches”. Perhaps he is being very intentional, as you noted.

I am looking forward to seeing pancake Hunter. I think he will start as a true freshman.


I have high hopes for Tank. Moves well for 350.
Some struggles this season but he hadn’t played at all in a game since 2017 in high school.

Texans at # 3 in this mock. He would come in handy.

The Bama OL could not block the Georgia DL. They netted 30 yards rushing.

Must take more than weighing 350 Lbs.

Our guys size looks great. IF they can block.


Georgia has/had an NFL DL.


Our OL held up well against Auburn. The key was we had enough depth to substitute and give guys a breather. Our OL was quicker than the big dudes at Auburn, most of the time. They did have one guy that gave us fits.


Held up against Auburn? CHILD PLEASE!

We need to be able to RUN THE BALL when we want to - which we couldn’t do against good defenses like Cincinnati and Auburn.

Heck - If we had a good running game, we wouldn’t have lost to Tech at the beginning of the year.

Our pass protection was actually pretty decent this year, but we couldn’t run the ball consistently.


Child? At 75, I don’t think I qualify for that label. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

BTW, we ran for 115 yards against Auburn. They ran for 125 against us. We averaged 4.4 yards per carry while they averaged 4.3. We are a balanced attack team and they are primarily a run team.


Mike bringing data, fo reals!


Mike, why are you letting facts get in the way of a good board post!


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He did a JJ Watt on you— " Shut you Down "
All fun this late.

A child will play. :slightly_smiling_face: