Anyone had this new variant? I got sick Christmas night around midnight…Chills,fever,slight cough and today I’m just a little achy…Pretty sick for about 36 hours but it was short lived…from my experience this variant is not as bad as the flew…I am fully vaccinated but it does seem very contagious…anyway just curious of your experience if you have had it…

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No vicious sore throat? My local CVS in (@ 580 and Belcher) in Dunedin, FL has NO cough drops, throat spray, etc left.

I asked the Pharmacist and he said the sore throat is the 1st and by far the worst of Omicron for most.
The vicious dry cough and loss of smell/taste of the previous waves is relatively rare.

I live right by the massive ‘Top Of The World’ over 55 complex (Clearwater, FL) and apparently Omicron is raging there. They cleaned that CVS out.

Yes sore throat as well but not too bad…Actually throat not sore just a scratchy cough…

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Where did you get tested to confirm you had the omicron variant ?

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Walgreens home test…didn’t feel well enough to venture out

I understand the home kits can detect all
variants of covid to date, but do not identify which variant you have. That requires a lab with
sequencing capability. Since omicron is starting
to spread and very contagious, it could have been it or delta. Whatever, it’s good to hear you had a mild case.

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So you have no idea which Covid you got

You can’t identify it unless you go to Methodist or something. They’ll tell you which variant it is. But based on symptoms Omicron is more ENT. The fact that this one has been spreading the fastest makes it highly possible it is Omicron, and if anyone in your family or their family works in Healthcare you’re more likely to catch it. So, yeah Omicron would be likely-er than Delta or 19.

Edit: i would try an find a place that gives you a PCR to confirm (lines are extremely long right now and test are getting scarce again). But if the line is even slightly faint you’re + and should quarantine. Omicron is highly contagious.


Yes exactly…samples need to be sent off to lab to detect specific variant…mine was like a pregnancy test…doesn’t tell you who the dad is…LOL


Russian bots are getting humor

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Uh-oh. We’re scroomed!


There are a lot of positives from this strain:
1.) its a lot milder on both the symptoms and hospitalizations.
2.) It is also supposed to provide back immunity to delta.
3.) It will also probably become the dominant strain and drown delta out due to its infection rate (70% higher I believe) and back immunity it provides.

Looks like nature might be providing its own booster.

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Days 1-3 of symptoms I had a very sore throat, sinus drainage and swollen glands. Then several days of mild sinus congestion. Never had fever, chills, headache or cough. Slight loss of taste/smell nearly a week in but that has almost resolved now.

I didn’t test positive on rapid test until after 2 days of symptoms and am hearing that’s common. Negative on rapid test after about 8 days of symptoms.

J&J vax in March and Moderna boosted end of October. In my 40s but fit and healthy. I’m rarely sick but would classify this as an average cold. More than allergies but not as bad as the flu.

I just got back from Europe. 24/7 omicron has been in the news. Clearly hysteria and the power of the media are one of the same. Instead of reporting like “real” journalists the media has put unwanted, unwarranted strain on the medical system. You now have patients with a slight fever or no symptoms at all heading to hospitals because they are positive. Surgeries are being pushed back again. This is unforgivable. I do see a “silver lining” to this. The Omicron variant might prove to actually take over the Delta variant and Covid will then become no more than a cold.
What is most worrisome to me is the world’s stance on the dictatorship that produced this virus (more than likely an accident) By not coming forward will all the real data from day one how can we be reassured that another Covid is not on the way? a dictatorship can isolate 13 millions by force. The entire world has to bound together and demand real answers.

How do you know this ? The big bad media is spreading the message to stay home and isolate
if you have mild symptoms .

How do I know that?
How do I know that you ask?
I was in Europe for two weeks. This is being reported all over the news and all over Europe. do you want me to give you the link of all of the European news channels? Seriously I can’t believe some of the posts i read on here. You now have patients waiting on major surgeries having to wait. This is a fact. Take five minutes and look it up.

Some of us have known this but CNN is not reporting this to their sheeple

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NRGcoog I have no dogs on this fight. Except that hysteria is costing lives. There is a question that now has to be asked. How can someone test positive multople times after being treated or not treated for it. There are athletes that are on their fourth round of having covid. I do understand that it us highly contagious but at the rate we are going everybody will or has been infected. We have to admit that we will live our lives with it just like we do with the flue. This media hysteria has got to stop.

*flu – respiratory illness

flue-- opening in a chimney

Welcome back!

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