Only chance we sellout against USF

is if the Astros lose to Boston. Need the casual fans to hit over 40k and too many won’t show up for a 2:30 game and even more will pass if the game is head to head against the Astros.


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This is not a shot at you, Shaggy, but I think it’s probably time to let this sell out dream go. As much as we would love to see a packed stadium every week, we’re never going to convince casual fans, or even a large portion of a largely apathetic alumni base to spend hard earned dollars and give up 5+ hours of their time on a Saturday to go to games when it’s just easier and more practical to watch it at home. Having all the games televised has made people lazy. Now, I do believe this can change if we string together a couple of years of really special seasons (NY6 games). But we all know what happens when we succeed. Our coach gets poached and we’re back to square one. So, in the absence of sustained success year over year and/or inclusion into a P5, we’re going to struggle to sell out any games. We don’t have to like it, but it is what it is.


Yep. I hate that you’re right.

People said back when the basketball team was a pile of crap, attendance will be better when we start to win. I showed how our attendance dropped immediately the season after 3 final fours because we weren’t top 25 anymore.

Winning doesn’t solve attendance problems, we just have better attendance while we are winning. By winning, I mean, rarely losing. We can have 3 straight 10-2 regular seasons with 2 conference championships and the next season, start out 3-2 and attendance drops again.

So if/when we are 6-1, getting votes for the top 25 and playing a ranked, 7-0 conference team on a Saturday, I want 40k for that game. Because all of that lining up for us like that is rare.


I want it too, but I don’t expect it.

We have to do it better and harder than everyone else. That’s just the way it is and I kinda like it. It means to me our stuff is more genuine and real when it happens. If a person can’t handle that then they are too timid a person and I want them out or not admitted at all.

If we were in a P5 then we would have sellouts

It depends on which P5 we join. I don’t see us joining the PAC and selling out for Oregon state or Washington state or either of the Arizona schools.

Nor Indiana or Minnesota or Illinois.

Or duke or Boston college.

And if we have a mediocre season we wouldn’t sell out for the top visiting teams either.


Frankly I’d rather us have 32k fans against USF than 35k UH fans and 5k UT fans against Texas. You know we were in a power conference for 20 years and won conference championships regularly but never topped 20k season tickets right?

The 2015 Conference Championship game that was held at TDECU wasn’t even sold out. I don’t see any of our games being a sellout.

11am game. Already mentioned at the start, need Astros to lose and to play at 6 to remove past excuses.

This game would not sell out, even if the Astros were not in the world series.


Louieville was sold out for months wasnt it?

There’s not many people who are thinking…well no Astros game so I’ll go watch UH. It helps if USF is still ranked, but honestly I couldn’t name 1 player on USF’s roster. They don’t have name recognition and no stars.


Your logic is in reverse. It’s not people choosing to go to a UH game because the Astros aren’t playing. It’s people choosing to not go to the UH game because the Astros are playing.

The whole star thing is a bit silly. It might be a reason to take a peek on TV but do you really think Ed Oliver sold 1k extra tickets to the game against ECU? People go to games to see the stars on their team, not the other team. If Tua was on Tulane, you would care about that about as much as if it were Cole McDonald. If you have to look up Cole McDonald it makes my point even more.

GIF of snowball knocking on gates of hell.

If we were undefeated and ranked in the top 15 then that’s a different story.

We were ranked 24th when we sold out the Memphis game 3 years ago. Where did “top 15” come from?

White pants and a 7pm kick off will sell it out… and maybe if we simulcast the Astros game, if they are still in it, to our screens then we can have a full house.

It’s really difficult to figure out. Maybe take a break from living on Coogfans 24/7.

Selling out or at least looking like it’s a sell-out comes again from the hype of a season like we had in 2015. Everyday something about the Coogs seemed to be in the news, herman was all over the radio, etc etc. All of that was scattered along 290 heading towards austin and we haven’t got that back to that level… yet. Has nothing to do with how well we play today or any of that, it’s all the stuff that happens outside the stadium. It’s that roll you’re on when the conversation is about whether gameday will pick us or not.