Oregon State Booted From Hotel

I know folks get butt hurt over every slight but check out what happened to Oregon State after they lost to us.

This board would be Mount Vesuvius if this happened to our Coogs.


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That’s crazy. The game happened pretty late and I’m sure everyone on that team was exhausted. They should have been allowed to get the night’s rest before heading out. It seems like all of these teams have a floor of the hotel to themselves anyway.

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Lame. Need to overhaul the entire system…and this tournament has been a prime example (along with the football playoff cartel) of why the NCAA is not good for the athletes and schools. What a sham.

Oregon State deserved so much better than that.


Wow i thought it was gonna be for bringing girls up or something but for no reason — that’s insane.
If I was the AD i would have put up everyone in a different hotel and sent the NCAA a bill and aired how terrible ncaa is.
Rule #1 in life is don’t f with a person’s sleep.

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You’re nicer than me.

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This really does not make sense because the team checked out at 11-midnight probably. No way they rented those rooms at that time and would have been charged for them. Chartering a plane at 4 am in the morning is probably more expensive than doing it at the normal hours of operation. Seems like the whole story is not being shared.


I hope they didn’t put them up in a hotel that rents rooms by the hour.

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I bet this didn’t happen to the women participants. EQUITABLE TREATMENT NOW!!!

(this is said with sarcasm so please don’t take this serious one way or the other)


This is exactly why the student-Athletes need an organization (I am not going to use a word that would set the delicate and fine people here into a fit) to protect their needs ( I am purposely not using the word “rights”).

The needs of the students are not the same as the NCAA, the school or the coaches.

So in this particular situation some proposed language would be.

When an intercollegiate competition ends after -x hour- the university at its expense shall provide overnight lodging at a facility that is no less than the mid-level in the area. The university shall ensure that the student shall have the opportunity for a minimum of 8 hours rest before returning to the campus.

Although the university may engage with a 3rd party athletic association to arrange the accommodations the responsibilities under the above paragraph remain with the university,


Using this philosophy, the losers of the semi-finals (Baylor and Gonzaga) will be sent home and not allowed to stay and watch the Finals. What a group of “classless idiots”. You’d think after the Women’s weight room debacle they get smarter.

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i think this was more about protecting the bubble since other teams are sharing in the same hotel spaces.
you know the eliminated teams aren’t gonna honor the bubble anymore especially the senoirs…so while it seems harsh …i get the over protective action.


misleading story is misleading. not “kicked out of hotel” but booked on an early flight.

my question is, since when does NCAA book team travel? I always thought the individual teams handled all that?


It is called social distancing. We are sending you back to Oregon.

Beaver should have won. Wouldn’t have got the boot. :grinning:


What is the whole story? Such terrible reporting. Very little or no details about why that was the situation and what was known ahead of time. The who, what, when, where, and most important, why. In fact the story, which prior to being carrion for the buzzards at Yahoo, first appeared here, as reported by Jonathan Warner of NBCsportsdotcom and his whole article was based merely on a tweet from uncontrolled reflex tweeter Nick Daschel, a sports reported for the Oregonian. So Jonathan Warner writes a not very informing article based on another writer’s tweet. My God, journalism in dying. Pile on that.


It does seem odd. It wasn’t even the late game, but they’re the ones getting removed from the hotel in the middle of the night?

they weren’t removed from the hotel.


They were not exactly kicked out.

It is being invited for dinner and the host tells you that we are having dessert but you are not invited to stay for it.

its just like some guy affiliated with Oregon State is just upset they were booked on the red eye back home and is trying to stir the pot.

everyone has a voice these days…


That’s what I’m saying. The lateness seems like it would be more of OSU’s fault than NCAA’s