OSU Series

Thursday postponed, DH Friday, 2:30 PM.

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What everyone wants, 6 straight hours of cougar baseball!

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Now it’s one Friday @ 6:30 PM, Saturday DH @ 1:00 PM.

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And they said it had nothing to do with the storms yesterday. Is it raining down there?

Call it canceled due to bad weather and call it a season.

Somebody shoot this tortured creature.


Thanks for the update. Now I’m watching Ivy League tournament vs OSU/Coogs. Decent attendance. #1 Columbia is ranked close to UH in RPI.

Light rain off and on all day. A lot of power outages.
5 PM, 5-6 miles from campus it’s raining enough to halt play. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t play today.

I agree cancel the series and turn the gear in season over

I’m gonna tune in, but a much more interesting game on right now is cinci vs. #13 oklahoma, cinci has a decent record.

From Heartland.

They got in just T1st.

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Any word on the delay?

Just says suspended

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6-2 Boys in top of fourth. No broadcast.

LMAO do we at least get to watch the back 9?

What would happen if no one goes to the games? Does Pez notice?

No broadcast? I’m watching on worthless ESPN+. Watching our pitching staff walk every single Cowboy batter.

OSU has scored enough on WP & BB alone to be ahead in this game.

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The development the pitching staff has shown is top notch……they should get raises.


Go Coogs…Go Whitting. The team has quit on him!!


17 runs on 9 hits…that is big time pitching!!!