OSU Series

A repeat performance in game 2 would be a fitting end to Whitting’s tenure.

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18-3 bottom of 8th.

My + broadcast says it starts at 4:30.

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Maybe this will get him canned.



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Embarrassing is too kind of word to describe this. If you’re going to keep CTW around just shut it down and drop down to NCBA and compete against UH-D. Fu@&ing joke what Pez and the AD have allowed this once proud program to turn into a turd circler that even Ty-D Bol would turn its nose up at

I was told the team had quit on him a ways back and the locker room was shite.

Also, that he was not meeting the standards set for him pre season to keep his job.

But Truman Capote says he is coming back no matter what so I guess we’ll see.


Checking in to see how the OSU series is going.


Time for several changes on Cullen Blvd or just start shutting down programs. Baseball is obviously first on the list.
How else we gonna get folks to pay $10 for parking?

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How many of us would still be employed if we hadn’t moved the needle (Regionals) in six years! And not just losing, but getting crushed!

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Much less get a raise and an extension.

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At least season tickets holder should get season parking pass. At the least


8-1 Boys top of the sixth. Do OSU fans outnumber ours? Or is this like a tree (program) falling in the forest?

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If CTW is let go who do yall see us going after? Sean Allen is a name that I’ve seen people throw around. Do we look at the top assistant at a place like Arkansas, A&M or Oregon State? Someone who’s been successful at a G5?

No bother even considering it because he’s coming back.


More like 9-1-1, amirite?

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911 is for emergencies. The coroner is not an emergency. :skull_and_crossbones:


9-2 top of the ninth. Still a chance! Is there a game tomorrow?

That’s it. Season over. Losing record.