OT: A&M fires coach

targeting Vtech’s Buzz Williams

will be curious how it affects houston, A&M was only a decent recruiting team in the houston area before kennedy…
the last 4/5 years they have cleaned house on the second level houston recruits (the 4 stars that dont go to the blue blood)

also half their roster were houston targets …will they try and transfer over?
3 of their current commits were also heavy houston targets…
wil a&m still pull houston with new coach

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Buzz Williams was my second choice when we hired CKS.

Of their current roster, the only player that looks interesting is Savion Flagg. Sophomore from Alvin, 6’7" guard is the team’s leading rebounder and second leading scorer.

Of their 2019 commits, Sahvir Wheeler is a 4* PG from Houston. None of the other commits are from Houston (though two are from the Dallas area).

we heavily HEAVILY recruited jay jay chandler, he was probably our main target during his recruiting year

he’s been a bit disappointing, and im not that interested in him but the staff might still want him who saw something in him…

also tyreek smith was a heavy recruit for us aswell, we were even seen as the favorite at some point

I think will wade might be available. He knows the sec and how to cheat. Well maybe not that good at all.


Heard the guy a few times on his radio coaches show. Had the charisma and energy of a barnacle on a rock.

eATMe sucks

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CKS should be on the phone with Savion Flagg. That guy is really, really good. Tyreek Smith would be another one to pursue. Don’t really have any interest in Chandler or Wheeler.

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I often wonder why any BB coach would want to go to a$m. Basketball is dead to them. They are so overcome by FB and their dreams !!

Of course, there is the MONEY !

That might be it.


You cant fix sorry by firing the coach. Texas A &M is a sorry athletics school that is mediocre at best. They are Texans lite…Mediocre and not worth wasting time watching…


Yes a&m will continue to get Houston recruits simply because its a&m.

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This is really weird to release this hours before the SEC tournament starts in Nashville.

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But its the Texas A&M way…cause distractions before important games…like firing a coach, then hiring a more high profile one…


I understand the allure of coaching hoops in the ACC or B10. I do not understand the allure of coaching hoops in the SEC or B12 where football rules all except the K schools that own the hardwood in those conferences with an iron fist. $$$ that’s about it.


A&M does not care about basketball. The fan base just isn’t there. In reality it is not there in Austin either.

The re-emergence of Houston has changed everything. We are back to where it once was which is the University of Houston is a super power in a state whose schools only care about football. It used to be said that in Texas there are three sports season Football, recruiting and spring football.

Texas Tech has taken the mantel from Texas Western / UTEP as a good basketball school in the middle of nowhere.

What is old is new again, we are back to 1968 where the University of Texas Longhorns are the football power and the University of Houston Cougars are the basketball power.


Not saying that it will happen but we are a coaching poach away from coming back down to earth. Didn’t A&M go to the sweet 16 last year? They are still relevant. They had a bad season in a really tough conference. They’re fans may not care as much about basketball as they do football but I’m sure they still at least average 7,000 fans per game (I could be wrong). Despite UT being bad these last few years, they still get to make the tournament every year (and probably will this year) because they are UT. We had a really good year (with hopefully even greater things ahead), but let’s consistently win year in and year out before we begin to claim ourselves as the basketball power in Texas once again.

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Wouldn’t that be an NCAA violation?

When Texas is good the fan base is def there.

Plus who are we to question fan bases haha.


What is old is new again, we are back to 1968 where the University of Texas Longhorns are the football power and the University of Houston Cougars are the basketball power.

I agree that UH is the basketball power (TTU may not), but TU will have to do better than 4 losses to be considered a football power again.

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I can’t see Buzz Williams leaving VT for A&M but I know that’s impacted by my ACC prejudices. The argument for leaving is that you will always play second fiddle in the State of Virginia to the lounge singer and be stuck behind Dook and UNC-CHeat as well. There will be an opening to move up when Roy and K retire, but Buzz may think he can may the Aggies a basketball power.