OT: Kyle Allen to start vs. Dolphins on Sunday


Hard to tank when you put in a QB that could win games. However, I’m rooting for Kyle to get a shot with another team. He’s wasting his talents with the Texans.


Gotta ride Mills for 2 reasons: you gotta give him enough games to definitely have an opinion on him. If he stinks then you end up with a really high pick to draft his replacement. My guess? Texans draft a QB next year and Mills is the backup. Once his contract is up they move in from him. I liked Mills last year but he isn’t showing more than being a middling backup at this point.

Meanwhile he’s being paid $2.5 million to waste his time this season.


Living in cheap Houston Texans

Yeah I think playing D Mills is the NFL equivalent of “Tank for Victor (Wembanyama)”.

The Texans are not going anywhere with Mills as the QB, unless they have a defense on par with the 2000 Ravens or 1985 Bears.

Every good to great NFL team has the QB position nailed down for the next 5-10 years (KC, BAL, Dallas, LAC, PHI, CIN). Teams like TB and GB have great but aging QBs and their teams are starting to suffer for it.

Then you have teams like MIN, LAR, SF, NYJ, WAS, and NYG. Those teams all have winning records at the moment, but everyone expects at some point for those teams to come back to Earth due to poor QB play. Look at the Jets yesterday? QB ruined the game for them. BTW, all those people who thought drafting Zach Wilson at 2 was a mistake (like yours truly) look really good right now. The Jets could have had Justin Fields. With JF at QB the Jets win that game.

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By the end of this season Allen will have earned a total of $5,735,000.00.


We had a franchise QB until we found out he was a dirty perv. Can’t believe he’s not only getting another chance, but he’s also getting paid hundreds of millions

Beyond insanity. Kaepernick was shunned for kneeling the flag, but a guy that directly harassed women gets a pass?

What’s funny is that if Kaepernick kneeled in todays climate, I think he would’ve been raised a hero. Such hypocrisy


Amen to that brother

Kaep is a lot of the reason today’s climate is what it is. But that’s a subject for a different board. It’s absolutely heinous that Watson (or Roethlisberger before him, honestly) is allowed anywhere near a Pro Football field.


The Man in me agrees with you. However, the lawyer in me says that he was never found guilty in a court of law; in fact, two different DAs in two different counties both refused to bring indictments.

I think this whole issue is a lot seedier that many of us want to admit (for both parties).

Fact is, there is no question that DW4 was using IG to find private masseuses who offered “Happy Endings”. There is also no question that he was generally successful at it. Let’s not kid ourselves: if you are offering private, in-home, massage services on IG (today’s version of Craigslist personals), you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. That is why they charge $400/hr. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been getting monthly massages for years from a very nice Chinese woman in a mall by my house. She does not charge $400!! :rofl: :joy:

In addition, it is also clear from the evidence that the Texans not only knew about it, but may have helped facilitate the appointments. Which is why they settled.

This whole experience raises numerous questions:

  • Why do people (mainly women) do this sort of work for a living?

  • Why is this work still illegal, yet openly advertised on the internet?

  • Would we be better served if such work was legalized and regulated, so that the persons involved would have protections from abuse? Right now, any time there is some sort of issue, its a he said/she said situation, and 9 times out of 10 a DA will not want to bring these to trial because the witnesses will be forced to answer questions about what they do for a living. I am pretty sure that one of the reasons these cases never saw a court room were that these women were unwilling or unable to get on the stand and discuss their jobs without admitting to illegal activities. Plus, they would have to go public and the whole world, including their friends and family, would know what they do for a living. Shame is a powerful silencer.

We all know that in our society, especially when it comes to celebrities and those with money, if you have a special talent or skill that others deem of value, you get a lot of leeway in how you are allowed to treat people and what you can get away with.

I see it in my own profession; some partners I work with are great, decent people, but they may not necessarily be “Rainmakers” as we call them. The Rainmakers can literally shoot a guy on Peachtree and get away with it. Why? Simple, they bring in $10m + in revenue, and feed all the other partners. No one is going to purposefully vote to cut their own throats. NFL is the same: NFL teams need good QBs. Owners pay a lot of money for these teams, and if a GM says, “Hey, this guy is awesome, better than any player we have on our roster. He has character issues, but he has not committed any crimes. Do you want me to offer him a contract?”

The owner can say no, absolutely not. But, we are talking about NFL owners, multi-billionaires who have built their fortunes probably by being cutthroats willing to bend and in some cases, break the rules. They are the Rainmakers of the world. No way these guys will say no. In fact, some of these MFs probably admire it (or, in the case of Bob Kraft, have partaken in the same activities!!).

Finally, again lets not let the Texans off the hook. DW4 would still be on this team if he had not requested a trade. We all know its true. In fact, I am of the belief that the only reason we even know about any of this is because he did request a trade.

No one has clean hands in this entire fiasco.


Especially the massage ladies.


Man you are wrong!!! :joy: :rofl:

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The kid was improving last season. They dump the OC and bring up Peptastic. Now the kid is Pepthetic.

Fire Pep and get someone who can actually coach



Peptastic!! Well done!

“Peptastic” or how about Pepto-bismal?

Where does this team play? Is it a local high school?

TIL - Allen doesn’t play for Charlotte anymore

If Coach Lovie Smith does not bench Davis Mills, he is not watching the same games that I have. I know the OL has been a weak spot, but Mills inaccuracy been has ridiculous.

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It’s the Stanford connection - mills played for the guy Hamilton worked for and respects - he barely started before becoming a draft pick so he’s literally learning on the job

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