OT: Okay who started a hockey petition


I’d rather see e-sports teams. Seriously.

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I signed it.

Hate watching on TV but love watching it live….

No way would I want that. Besides, we would have to add an equal number of women’s players in another women’s sport. Big budget hit.


Is there a University in Texas with a hockey team?

Funny how the “most popular sport in the world” isn’t even popular enough in the US to field Men’s teams at the majority of US colleges .


I love professional hockey. It is by far the best playoff atmosphere anywhere.

But I’m a little bit nervous creating a sports program at UH where we would probably get our butts kicked annually by a team fielded by the Colorado College of Mines.



As an idea, it’s great. Lots of northeast hockey playing transplants over the last 20-25years to Houston give us a recruitment base. On paper, it’s a death pill. The NCAA requirement to fund an additional woman’s team of any sport would be an act of financial hiri-kiri. Name me a woman’s sports program at U of H that has ever not been a loss leader?

To be fair pretty much all athletics is a loss leader for universities. Even the ones who are supposed to carry the load run negative.

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Gymnastics. Simone Biles and Shannon Miller would coach if we did this.

I’d rather see a Men’s Soccer team than any other new men’s sport.

I think we would dominate with all the local talent.


This! This! & This! infinity!!!

Does UH even have a quidditch team yet ?!?!?!

I love soccer and hockey, but I have to admit soccer makes a lot more sense, if all the financial obstacles associated with adding a sport could be overcome. We would have an excellent chance of being very good at men’s soccer.


Actually it is US law not NCAA rules. Title 9 doncha know

I don’t care about hockey but if we did add a team I might start. However, as others have pointed out, title IX complicates the matter because it would mean adding another women’s sport as well. That’s two brand new teams. Definitely a blow to the budget.

It’s weird I’m the only one on these kind of threads to keep saying this. We need women’s beach volleyball.

It’s about the least expensive sport to add and it is growing across the country like wildfire. We already have a court at the campus rec that could work until we could build a nice facility. If hbu can do it, I’m sure we could figure it out.

Womens gymnastics is awesome, but it would be expensive to start.

Big 12 doesn’t sponsor Beach Volleyball. Only sports for women that B12 offers that we don’t have are Rowing, Equestrian, and Gymnastics, and I’m assuming rowing is men’s and women’s. B12 also has wrestling but does not appear to have women’s wrestling.

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