OT: Orlando might be fired from UT

Fans are hyper-critical of the Whorns’ defensive performance.


They fire CTO they’re gonna start losing alot more games. :grin::pray:


Don’t worry, isn’t LTH a loyal guy who would protect his DC? I mean unless firing him would prove more expedient and take some heat off LTH, in which case LTH would throw him overboard like a rat with the plague.


Ah, they’re looking for a scapegoat for Herman.


Ding, ding, ding


We will take him…or should we?

Position coaches will be gone before CTO. Firing CTO would put on blemish on Vermin’s psyche. Unless CTO fails his urine color test!

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He’s been subpar. Not shocking.

I guess when you don’t inherit a roster with NFL talent…you look subpar.

I hope Tony Levine gets a commission from CTH and CTO big UT pay checks.


We do not have an opening for that position. I don’t want a coach that recommended D’Onofrio to Applewhite, thereby violating the trust of a guy who thought he was a friend, because he didn’t get the UH HC gig.


Brought me back to reality. Thanks.

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Well, Bob Stoops younger brother is available.

48 points at home to Kansas will get the horns upset, but defense in the B12 is not what they are known for. If Dicker missed the kick, it would be CTH’s head they would be after, that’s why he went for another 5 yards closer at end to assure the kick. If Kansas would have been smart, they would have jumped the 5 yard out route for a pick. You knew it would be a 3 step drop, 5 and out, with 8 seconds in the game.

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You just made my point :weary::sob::sob:

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their defense is extremely banged up. They wanted him gone in year one I believe.

Levine’s recruits

Les Miles is a really good football coach and came within one play of beating Texas in Austin. Someone has to take the blame.

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No. He was offered head coach here and passed to be an assistant at Texas. He’s where he deserves to be.


You know this how ?


For the record, everyone credits Coach Levine for all those studs…without Coach Sumlin he wouldn’t have gotten them either…that seems to be forgotten