OT: The Texas Longhorns Will Never Win the National Championship

It’s more likely than unlikely that they win a championship in this new, expanded CFP era… but it definitely won’t be easy.

The benefit of being in the SEC though, is that you can be 8-4 or even 7-5 and still make the CFP.

Texas’ biggest problem is that their expectations are always set so high by not only themselves, but by the entire college football paradigm. That results in recruits coming in with expectations unique to UT versus anywhere else which leads to internal failures in the locker room or by the coaching staff.

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No 8-4 or 7-5 team will ever make the playoff unless they are conference champs, somehow…Last year, the SEC had 6 teams that won 10 games or more…Those teams will fight for the slots because not all of THEM will even get in…no 7 or 8 win team is going to get in, unless theyre the champs.


you can’t say never but i say they will not in the next 5 years but not for the reasons the article lists, the reason imo is the schedule. ut will not only have the sec schedule but they are going to get the aggies, arkansas and ou yearly; all who it will be their game of the year. not that other sec’ers wont be hyped but not like those 3. imo, ut will need a superstar qb like VY was for them

I imagine UT will get a natty at some point in the future as an SEC member.

Hard to say precisely when though.


How many of those wins are In-Conference?

Georgia played Georgia Tech, UT-Martin, Ball State, and UAB for their out of conference schedule last year

Youre kidding, right?? Georgia was 13-1 and number one in the country for almost the whole year. They play old rival Georgia Tech every year and then whoever else in NC…who cares who else they play in non conference…No Texas team that wins 7 or 8 games is making the playoffs…Last year in SEC, Georgia was 13-1, Missouri 11-2, Alabama 12-2, Ole Miss 11-2, LSU 10-3, and Tennessee was 9-4. They ALL go before some 7 or 8 win longhorn team…
Message to all longhorn lovers…you wanna make the playoffs? WIN 10 and theyll think about it…

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They have a good coach and every advantage available to them.

Also, to be fair to the Dawgs, they had OU on the docket last year before the series had to be canceled because of the Sooners’ move to the SEC.

The Longhorns have already won four NCs. To say they never will is asinine.

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Their previous National Title teams were loaded with talent.

Their 2024 team is loaded with talent. Their 2 -deep QB roster is amazing.

Longhorns will be in the CFP this season.


Couple of my Ag friends were discussing them playing again over the next few years. I told them they better get ready for a rough go of it the near future. Horns are set up to be as good as anyone right now.

They won in ‘63, ‘69 and 2006. What other year am I missing?

All this love for the Whorns. Seems like I have heard this more than a few times.

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I just went with the top google answer that apparently was an article listing 1970 which is a disputed one. Yea, 3 is probably more accurate.

3…4…its a non-zero number.

The 1970 Title was awarded before Bowl Games.

UT lost The Cotton Bowl to Notre Dame, but already had won the Title.

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Isnt this coming year still a 4 team playoff? So whorn would need to come in 1st or 2nd…Which they could do…Need Arkie and Aggie to rise up and smite them at years end, and deny their playoff bid.

This season the playoffs feature 12 teams.

UT has a very good chance to make it.

Damn, I forgot this year will be the closest college football has ever been to a real national championship.

They still need to do 2 things to perfect it:

  1. Give all conferences 1 auto bid, like every other sport on the planet.
  2. Ditch the bowl tie ins. No reason to share money with those organizations.

Disagree. Giving each G5 conference champ is auto bid is a ridiculous idea.

A case could be made to give all P4 equal number of autobids, but good luck getting ESPN or anyone else paying top $ for those rights.

The extra spots for B10 and SEC are what made ESPN bid what it did. No one else matched that bid. Can you imagine anyone paying more if every G5 conference had an auto bid? Or if ACC and B12 had the same number of guaranteed spots as SEC and B10?

The financial math of B12 taking PE money is very simple. And it can be made to work if everything falls into place correctly.