OT: What are some memorable on campus stories?

What is one humourous one?

And another crazy one that shocked all of campus at the time, like a campus or nationwide event?

Back in the 70’s, we would get plastered and swim in the fountains in front of the Cullen Building.


The last year I was at The Cullen College of Engineering (2011) we had the annual IEEE Chili Cookoff. Previous years alcohol consumption was prohibited from the cookoff but the triangle frat and IEEE were able to get it approved for 2011…

There were drunk co-eds passed out in front of the engineering buildings before the event even started and in the engineering building bathroom after it ended… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lots of memories from the Y building, broken windows in the restroom, giant rats, crashed there a couple times.

The Annual ΣΝ Little 500 Bike Race in front of Zeke was always a big deal. Local news teams usually sent a crew and put us on the evening news.

The after-parties at our house at 5018 Calhoun were awesome.

During my era — mid-70s — one of our alums worked for Miller Brewing & got us kegs for less than $20 each.

We’d go through 40+ kegs. I served & spilled so much beer my sneakers reeked of beer sugar for weeks.

This was an important PR event for Miller so they went all out — a few hundred free t-shirts and a refrigerated truck with all the kegs plus a crew to swap them out as soon as they emptied. No icing down needed — the kegs never lasted long enough to get warm.

The drinking age was 18 back then & if you were in college you were presumed to be old enough (or close enough) to drink — so everyone got served.

We’re working on bringing it back in '23





I was walking across campus with a buddy during the first semester of my second freshman year. I asked him, “what building is that?” His reply…”the library”.


I was in the optometry program which could be brutal - but I would always take my lunch to sit behind Cullen by the fountains and get some sunshine. Sometimes would even set up a hammock. There were lots of people walking around but it was always a peaceful moment for me in an otherwise chaotic time.

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Parties at the Sigma Chi mansion before they tore it down 5 years ago


After my second semester, Spring 2004, Chemistry 2 final with Dr. Bott, my friends and I swam through the Cullen Fountains. It was such a relief to be done, but we found out why not many students did that: the Cullen fountains’ paint was lifting, and it colored our clothes greenish-blue. This was also the same semester that we (Spirit of Houston) performed at the Super Bowl 38 half-time show, so that shocked a lot of people. PS - Jessica Simpson stole our drum line captain’s idea of her wearing a band outfit for the Super Bowl. She laughed at the suggestion, but “repurposed it” as her idea. :expressionless: Janet Jackson is a wonderful person to work with, and I feel that she was robbed (by JT) of almost a decade of her career after that event.

Spring '05, TI was performing at Fiesta and the entire third ward found out. As we were in line to get in, high school kids busted through the fences - it seemed like there were hundreds. I think the girl who booked TI got in some kind of trouble because TI was late for his set. I also heard (I transferred in Fall '05) that the following Fiestas were more tame due to the TI fiasco.

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During the Run and Shoot days and finals week, “someone” might have put bubble bath in the Cullen fountains.


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“Someone” also took a moped into the elevator in the Architecture Bldg and rode it around the 2nd floor.


I remember an 8 AM Physics class — 2nd year.

We were all sleepy and one guy got coffee from the vending machine — pretty hot stuff.

If you remember the classroom desks, they had a slight downward slope towards you to make it easier to take notes.

He sleepily placed the very hot coffee on his desk and waited for it to cool down a bit — but it slid down the desk and spilled into his lap.

The first look on his face was disgust at what just happened. This quickly changed to a painful grimace as the hot coffee soaked through his pants and scalded his groin — unforgettable.


We used to build a bonfire every year during Homecoming

It was where The Towers now sit

Also had a large street dance in one of the parking Lots


“someone” pained the statue of four lies in full colors back in 2019.

same someone brought cheese and tossed it around during the Texas Southern game.

Same someone wonders how much bubble bath is needed for this next week


Some things never change. Wasn’t that Eng 1 or 2?


The annual winter wonderland was always awesome.

I think one thing I really enjoyed was the rooftop 2 dollar shots.

Funny story was the squirrel that fought me for some fries and I thought i was going to get rabies

Campus wide when we had big Sean on campus and asap Ferg. Big Sean signed my big Sean shoes he just released and rae Sremmurd performed that same year i think and it was packed.

Another story is when they use to give out shirts all the time. The best shirt i got was a long sleeve grey shirt with a pocket that had UH. Till this day my favorite UH shirt.

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They can always take over the houses on MacGregor or smth.

Or renting.

There are quite a few that can just have them all out there.

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