OU wow

I didn’t realize they had won 6 straight conference championships. That is pretty impressive even if you are in a conference with the Bonghorns and the eight dwarves.


The first year of the CFP in 2014-15, TCU and Baylor were co-champs but after that year, it was all OU.

And you wonder what is wrong with The UT Alums.

This is what is wrong.


As long as UT doesn’t win the B12, I don’t care who wins. I would like to see every team in the B12 win it except UT and their fans would be howling like wounded dogs. Maybe some of their T-Shirt fans would even go over to the aggies. It would be wonderful. It would be better if they had a string of losing seasons for the rest of my life and even have some 0 win seasons at that.


I thought Rhule had won one at Baylor

This is the first of those six in which they had more than one conference loss. They slippin.

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Last year OU beat Baylor in OT 30-23.

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Love it! :heart_eyes:

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Not hard to do considering it’s only 2 flagship schools and the rest are coming up the rear

In the sec you have everyone’s flagship


I have no particular love for OU, but anything that irritates UT is fine by me. Besides, we clobbered OU when they were defending champs.


And the year we beat them, they went unbeaten in the big12 that year.


Agreed. The more butt hurt TU experiences, the better…


The schadenfreude is definitely strong in here.


Spoken like a true Horn and big 12 sympathizer

Unfortunately both my degrees are from schools without much to get excited about on the football front.

Tshirt fans are most prevalent among the horns so your response holds no weight.

I have no idea what you are trying to say.

Shame!:joy: Have a good one.

Translation: go kick rocks.

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:unamused: :roll_eyes: