Our non conference home schedule is awul

our schedule sucks. What we can’t find teams that want to play us? We should be happy with Virginia as the only team to come to Houston?


Virginia - Home
Wisconsin - Neutral
Oregon - Neutral
Alabama - Away
Ok State -Neutral


This games do not get me excited.

Northwestern State
Alcorn State
Texas State


Where’s the other Pearland


Away games are fine the homes game suck

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I think most top programs only get 1 or two really good non conference home games…. Most of the good match ups are neutral court one offs or tournaments……

We are top 5-10 in every major metric…… why are you complaining? Just because


Our schedule is the same compared to everyone else except we don’t get the 12 schedule yet. Check everyone else schedule it’s not amazing. Ours is actually nice even thought we don’t have alot of home games


Why do we care who we play? Our team is Houston and as long as we are playing, I am there.


I always look forward to the type of games that pearland listed above because we get to see the team continue to gel and buy into the culture no matter the opponent and the young guys usually get more minutes


Man I thought the osu game was at home. It’s at Fort Worth. Shame what happens when you are a legit bball program. You need to travel to neutral sites for games. :grinning:

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About 7 or 8 hoops conferences are pretty stout, every conference game is a potential war. Gotta give yourself some (potential) breathers to work out your schemes and build team cohesion. FWIW, a bunch of body bag games have been lost this season. Plus these “buy” games help the schools who come to Fertitta Center (or wherever they play others).


we chose to have it that way… according to pezman the goal for the basketball schedule was 1 big away game, 1 big home game, 1 big neutral game… the rest buy games (excluding major tournaments)
and note itll probably be getting weaker when we enter the big 12

its no longer about who wants to come to houston (in a home and home) the last 2-ish years… we can probably get anyone we want that isnt the 6-7 bluebloods… it about Sampsons view on schedule balance. and getting home games regardless of quality of opponent… if our schedule got any tougher it would mean theyd have to accept being a buy games for us. like boise did last year (who only did so out of covid desperation)

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Look at Gonzaga’s schedule.

It would be nice to play a North Carolina, Duke, Villanova, Gonzaga, UCLA

Gonzaga plays in the WCC. BYU is pretty good. Otherwise, the Zags obliterate everybody else and have done so for years. They gotta get their tough games in early, because they’ll cruise in the WCC. In a couple years, they won’t even have BYU.

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Look at Gonzaga’s team

If UH itself wasn’t an awesome team, I could see complaining about the schedule, but come on, no one is showing up at home games for the other team any more…that is SOOOOO 20 years ago.


At least 12 years ago when Derrick Rose sold out the Hof… :joy:

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Always playing dogs at UH will lead to fan apathy quickly.

3 reasons why we can’t get great matchups at home:

  1. Look at our home record. We don’t lose at home. So, any team that schedules us has to know, theres a good chance they’re walking out of Fertita with a lose. What P5 school wants that?

  2. Our style of play. Our defense is top 5 good and it makes the opposing team look terrible. Most people after the Virginia game, probably thought Virginia sucks. Some coaches are okay with learning from that result. But, most coaches don’t wanna get embarrassed. They don’t wanna lose by 20 pts on national TV, which Virginia did. But Virginia, credit to them, probably learned alot from that game.

  3. It’s so early in the season, that most coaches schedule cupcakes :cupcake: at home to build their team’s confidence. Rather than play tough road games that expose your weaknesses