“Our World Is Poised for Transformation”: Jeff Bezos Pledges $60 Million to Build a Plant-Forward Food System | VegNews

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Does Jeffy Boi eat fake meat or real meat?

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Eat your crickets, and be happy with it.


What we are eating and how we are eating is the biggest contributor to climate change. More so than energy.

We have clear cut 80% of the worlds forests for agriculture use in the last 100 years.


Why should bezos dictates what the world will eat? bezos is an ego maniac. This is what happens when a mail order success executive becomes too powerful for its own good.

I like my steaks on the grill.
I like my steaks on charcoal grill.
I like my steaks chrrasco style.
I like my steaks sizzling and rich in the middle.
I like my steaks with friends.
I like my steaks medium rare.
I like my steaks on the beach.

crickets? I love the sound of crickets at night and during the day.

Heck the manure smell is not so bad when you read what bezos wants to do.

Oh so yummmmmy!!!

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How is his investment dictating what the world will eat?

Does Elon Musk’s investment in Tesla dictate what the world drives?

Does Bill Gates investments in farm land dictate how the world farms?

Feel free to be skeptical of Bezos and his investment, I am, but I don’t see how he’s dictating anything except how Amazon is run.

But will you eat green eggs and ham, Sam I Am?

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Elon (and others that Chris is a fan of) are the biggest ego maniacs on this planet and he’s complaining about Bezos. Interesting.

And how is Bezos trying to dictate anything?

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That’s the part I can’t figure out.

I don’t understand that or how Elon is freeing anything. Both are nonsensical.

I got an idea.
Krickets fill A coming soon to a neighboring near you…I think not. Even with my eyes closed.

Another non-answer. I’m not sure what it’s saying but it’s definitely not addressing the question.

How is he dictating anything?

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This is non sustainable we have to think in new ways and adapt. Start doing things differently. Didn’t realize how much cows contributed to emissions. I knew they did but not on this scale lot of trees die so you can have a steak… now everytime you eat a steak you now realize the true cost for you to do so, and I enjoy a good New York strip. Bon Appetit!

“Livestock is responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions (for context, aviation is responsible for two percent), and it is a leading driver of deforestation and habitat destruction around the globe. In the last six years, more than 800 million trees in the Amazon rainforest have been cut down to make room for beef production.”


Ever had chapulines in Mexico? They just taste like grass.

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Millions of people built their wealth largely in part because of oil and gas whether directly or indirectly, and now we’re attempting to move to a world where underdeveloped countries won’t get to do the same but be forced to transition to incredibly expensive energy sources

People have eaten and enjoyed meat for millennia and now we’re attempting to take it away because the privileged want to save the planet

It really comes down to class and being out of touch

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Who is trying to take meat away?

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There creating meat in the labs now. Been approved…I would try it if it taste like the real thing and is reasonably priced. It seems it’s been vetted to be safe to be consumed by humans. If it does taste like the real thing. It will be my small contribution and effort to save the planet and in the decision it helps save these animals from slaughter to satisfy our desire for meat for our diet.


I’ll try just about anything but can’t imagine it ever becomes a staple of my diet.

That said, I don’t have a problem with the initiative. I hope it works.

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I understand not all people will eat or try because they’ll think it unsafe because it didn’t come from the chicken or cow etc. ( but in actually it does ) because of the lab thing in creating it…