Pac-12 Damage Control?

Seems like too little, too late

He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the Pac-12 has reached out, and those are two schools they might reach out to.

But as always he’s just kind of throwing stuff out there.

The thing is his actual analysis isn’t that bad.


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Best strategy during realignment is to give credibility to unverified twitter accounts for updates


If Oregon was in a normal situation, then it would interesting BUT
Oregon is just a Phil Knight check away from bye bye.

He could offer to NIL the entire B10 and it would just be written off in Nike expenses and make up the perceived revenue difference of Oregon vs the LA schools with no problem.

Phil is @ 25th richest man in the world and 84 years old.
Oregon is his heart and soul and Nikes signature school. I can see him doing whatever it takes.

“Consensus among B12 is that Pac12 new contract with espn may be AAC level assuming at least Oregon leaves.”

Where have you been the last 10+ years. Just business as usual.

No surprise, right? The PAC12 / B12 fight will be like throwing down a shiv and letting two jailhouse inmates fight to the death.

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I wonder if Boise St and SDSU are playing “what if” games and pondering what could have been had they agreed to stay in the AAC. Would it have bettered their brand? Could they have been invited to the Big XII?

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The guy’s ridiculous. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he had his hand on the pulse of network execs, university commissioners and ADs, etc. around the country. He doesn’t.


Let’s just say…they’ll be negotiating from a VERY weak position.

Their next media deal with truly suck balls.

Any smart PAC-12 school is going to be looking to get into either the B1G or Big 12.

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If they lose Oregon and the 4 corners and grab the best of the MWC.
AAC level $$$ like mentioned above?

Still a nice raise for the MWC schools but eventually gutting for the P12 leftovers.

Think this is their way of creating a GOR? Promise x amount per school, but you have to sign a GOR to stay on, so UW and UO, get in or get out?

Lots of people in this world don’t know what they’re talking about. I quote “No Country for Old Men” at least once a day… In Chigur’s voice, of course.


They did reach out… last year after OUT said they were leaving

They’re not going to get everyone to sign a GOR. They’ll to take the lower amount (and material change clause) that comes with not having one.

Yeah, I figured it might present an “either-or” situation.

Sign a GOR and get $35MM per school, OR, don’t, and enjoy your $7MM each

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Man that sounds like we aren’t getting AZ, ASU, CU, and UU today. I hate living in the era of instant gratification and then not getting my way.


Or it could be that theyre trying to draw up a competing offer to get everyone to stay.

Disparity probably isn’t that big, but yeah.

The Pac-12’s animosity towards MWC has a strong “Big 12 replacing A&M vibe”… where they refused to recognize what their options actually were, felt like nobody was better than serviceable but unremarkable candidates, and set the conference on course for a lot of pain and hardship.

SDSU should already have an invitation right now.

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Can’t negotiate if you don’t have a full conference or if your conference will be losing members.

The statement sounds nice but is just a slinging of crap.