Penny going to Orlando?

Wow. Wouldn’t surprise me. How will this effect the tigers and the AAC? I give it a solid “m’eh” cuz I couldn’t give a frak for mumphish. Eat rancid donkey caaaack!!! :rofl:

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Zero chance

I’d rather him stay at Memphis. He has been recruiting some decent talent to the Tigers. I’ve enjoyed the competition from them. I’m not sure how 3 20win seasons at Memphis makes him qualified for the nba. I guess the no defense style appeals to them.


Me neither. Good riddance mediocre coach.


The NBA has shown that it is an atrocious evaluator of coaching talent overall. I suspect Orlando would take him just for publicity.

Again, CKS was the top candidate for the Orlando job a couple years ago. Nothing came of it. Penny’s probably just leveraging tge interest to get more money out of Memphis.


Someone hasn’t been paying attention. Memphis’s defense has improved last season.


Probably because no one watches the NIT and that’s as far as Penny has made it with Top 5 talent

Not many coaches have been able to win with a group of so called one and dones…Kentucky and Duke come to mind but neither fared that well last year…
I think Penny has improved as a coach and if he stays will have Memphis a national contender most years just like Calipari did.
And I agree, his defense has really improved the past couple of years.
Remember, we want the AAC to be a very competitive conference, but we all know keeping good coaches around helps a bunch. Ask SMU and Cincy…

There aren’t many coaches that get groups of one and dones either.
3 or 4 schools per year, tops, with 2 or more guys that get drafted annually.

As far as getting kids drafted Memphis has done much better than us because of it’s one and done.
I will take a final four trip over that any day.
Until we played Baylor I thought Memphis was the best team we played


Assuming Penny ends up in Orlando, it will be interesting to see how Memphis recovers. That’s a pretty late departure and right in the middle of a heavy recruiting time. I think we would see some level of decommitment among current recruits, so year 1 might be pretty difficult for the new coach. The new coach will most likely not have the same pull Penny does with these high level recruits, so it will be interesting to see what happens going forward. I’m certainly no fan of Penny as a coach, but his teams have seemed to improve from year to year, especially once he dropped the NBA offense that none of his players were able to grasp.

Source? I recall him being a candidate, but never the top candidate. I imagine that Penny is also more willing to make the jump, given that he’s most remembered as a player for the Magic.

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Not too many coaches can handle that kind of talent and egos either. The Phil Jackson kind of coach. If it is so easy to just win with all egos than anyone can do it. Different talent and skill set.

Coach K, Calipari, Pitino…those guys with their ability to balance egos, recruit more egos, know where the bags of money are, balance it all in their heads…

That is its own amazing skill set.

I searched around and there were some claiming that. Here’s one.

That’s not to say Penny won’t go there. Different situation from Kelvin.

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Interesting you say that. I was always fascinated when Dean Smith would send a kid to the NBA after his Junior year. I wondered how he could coach so many kids that leave early. (It probably wasn’t that many.)

Now just one year!? It has to be a completely different coaching style. How do you convince a kid headed to the NBA to sacrifice his scoring for the team? Sacrifice any of his natural talents?

(about CKS leaving…)

If he stays, we’re on good footing. If he leaves, we’re on good footing.

In summary, we’re on good footing.

I don’t see it as sacrificing, I see it as making the best play available.

Its a fair point about Penny being a former player for the franchise but they’re one of the worst franchises in the sport with absolutely zero direction. If he takes the job he’s gone in three years because there’s zero chance he can turn them around. I’m not saying he never leaves Memphis but the timing just isn’t right to me. Memphis is about to break through. Why leave now for a job that will be open again three years from now?

Because alpha winners want to win and win at the highest level. Why did Nick Saban leave Michigan state? Why did he try the nfl when he could have been king of lsu forever. Comfort is not part of this. Easy isn’t part of it. It is about being the best at the best. These personalities cannot just be ok with their situation. It is why pitino is coaching Iona. He has enough to retire forever. But alpha brain won’t let him quit. Tom Brady is 65 years old and still proving something. None of it is for comfort and ease.

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