Pepperseed wants more muscle on Lebron

He needs to get back on the roids or something. Looks flabby. No way this dude makes it to the finals unless he gets on another super team.

38 points, 8 asst and 9 rebounds looks flabby to you?


Tell me you are a ‘conservative’ without telling me you are a conservative


Yeah. No muscle tone. As the man said, stats are for losers.

I smell a troll



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Look at him now and look at him a few years ago. He is not jacked up like he used to be. He’s done.

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He did look tired at the end of the past few games.

The two teams that play ball the way it should be played made the finals. Looking forward to seeing the Nuggets vs Heat


This boy got water on the brain.


This just in: Sources say Lebron James is older than he was a few years ago. Tune into SportsCenter for more info.


Your sources are good at math. Every great player has an end date. This is the decline of LeBron James. He will never be a dominate player again. He will have great games here n there but that’s it. Didn’t know stating the obvious would trigger so many people.

LeBron’s incredible. Absolutely on the short list of greatest athletes ever.

If LeBron is considered flabby, then I don’t even what to know what level of flabby I am.


He looked flabby n weak compared to what he used to be. Look at his arms lol look deflated. Sorry I didn’t know this many people had an emotional connection for a player for the Lakers.

That’s not muscle, it’s flab. Plus the toothpick legs he is trying to cover up. He used to be built like a brickhouse not anymore. Basically, a good player now.

40,10, and 9 on 60% shooting is an incredible feat for a top player in their prime. The fact LeBron did that at 38 is crazy. His longevity tops even Kareem. Unreal.


What sport is this?

Yeah he needs to make way for the next generation of young chiseled gladiators like the joker.


So pepper watches the game for the young, chiseled men and not the skills? Got it. :wink:


He’s said that he wants to try to play with/against his son Bronny, so ill bet he plays 2 more years. Even if he’s at 1/2 capacity both years, his 50% is still better than a fraction of current NBA players, so why not keep his job? Jersey sales alone are reason enough to keep him on a roster

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