Playoff expansion in the works?

Supposedly to 8, with 1 spot guaranteed for G5. I can’t imagine P5 supporting an automatic spot for a G5 unless it’s ranked at least in the top 12.

So get ready for the top G5 to get ranked 13 each year no matter what.


This seems more than fair for P5 members. Each conference champion gets in plus 2 at large bids from around the country for the top 2 Second place finishers. The losers in this deal, in my opinion, are CUSA, Sunbelt, And the MAC conference members. It will be difficult for them to beat out the AAC champion and MWC champion for the G5 bid.

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I am not sure a G5 would qualify every year. The P5 will absolutely demand the G5 qualifier be ranked no lower than 10 (or 12 at worst). Expect the top ranked G5 to end up at 11 or 13 often! But it would still be better than the present situation.

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The suggested bracket being passed around has an automatic qualifier for the top G5 team. So as of now, the Top G5 is guaranteed a New Years Six Bowl, but under the playoff expansion, the Top G5 team is guaranteed a spot in the playoff.


Divide and conquer. Fudge the Sunbelt, MAC, C-USA, and whatever else is out there (because it don’t mean sheeeeeeeeee…)

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The suggested bracket being passed around has an automatic qualifier for the top G5 team. So as of now, the Top G5 is guaranteed a New Years Six Bowl, but under the playoff expansion, the Top G5 team is guaranteed a spot in the playoff.

If that happens it’ll be great. But will the bluebloods accept it if a no 9 ranked Alabama or Texas gets left out while no 15 ranked UH or Memphis gets in? I’ll be very surprised if a ranking requirement is not set for the G5 rep. I think it’ll probably be a ranking no worse than 12.

Let’s see how things unfold. It’ll be a few years before it happens anyway. Also if it does come to pass I wonder what that’ll mean for P5 expansion.

Then you get the lawyers !!

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You are making up your own rules. Like I said, the format being passed around includes automatic bids for the P5 conference champions as well as one spot for the top G5 team. It doesn’t matter if Oregon goes 0-3 in out of conference as long as they win the PAC 12 they would be in. If someone can’t win their conference and then cries about not having the opportunity to play for a national championship then they are delusional.

I like that approach as it limits the “committee” to determining seeding and the 2 at large teams.

Politics be damned.


Any playoff will be designed to appease the power 5. The same way every iteration has in the past. People breathless for change always mistakenly assume their best interest is one of the motivations involved in the outcome. Its not.


As I have stated … ad nauseum …

ONCE the G5s get into the playoffs … even if its one university at first … it won’t be long before many of THE GOOD 4/5 STAR RECRUITS MIGRATE to the G5s …

IF the G5s have access to the playoffs AND nat’l title … why go to a killer P5 conference where the Vandys … Kentuckys … Illinois’s … Purdues … Boston Colleges … Wake Forest … OregonSt’s … IowaSts … WILL NEVER SEE A PLAYOFF game as long as the OhioSt’s Michigans Clemsons Bama’s LSU OUs dominate their conferences … better to go to a G5 AND BUILD THEIR members into winners and eventually become as strong as the P5’s top members …

LIKE the basketball playoffs started as 16 members and eventually grew to 64+ teams … I see the football playoff expanding to more than 8 WHEN the G5 gain parity with the P5s …

Yepp the eight team model will give the P5s what they want NOW … HOWEVER … it could eventually start the beginning of their demise … power-wise …

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In addition to this 8 team playoff proposal, I would suggest an additional 8 or 16 team playoff similar to the NIT tournament in basketball.

Those that do not qualify for the 8 team CFP, would qualify for the FBS playoff. Of course this would include leftover P5 and G5 teams. Teams can still have something to play for. Just another idea and this would be managed by the NCAA.

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It’s called bowl games. Players used to care about them.

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That model effectively will make all G5’s one conference. Eventually you won’t contend with 9 other schools for a one big bowl game. You’ll contend with 40. That’s how the g5 and their Media Kremlin think.

I agree. you could see a situation with two or three Alabama types in G5 conferences.

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This would be the perfect solution for me.

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I am not making up rules, just thinking of scenarios. Any playoff expansion will need support or all P5 conferences, and the blue bloods in those conferences. I just don’t see the blue bloods supporting an unconditional automatic spot for G5.

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I suppose the tough decision for a 8 team playoff will be rather to have auto bids for P5 conference champions. If there are auto bids, teams could schedule weak out of conference teams and CFP poll would not matter anymore.

For this reason I think the CFP committee will continue their logic of selecting the best 8 teams with conference champs playing a big part but not the deciding factor.

I know there will be a push to have an auto bid G5 with conditions like being undefeated and having 2 P5s on its schedule. This means most years a G5 will not be in the playoffs. I think this is what will happen because this is how P5s think and of course it benefits them.

Some people may say by selecting the best 8, conference championship does not mean as much because the loser may still make the playoffs.

ESPN sports analyst were saying if LSU or Ohio State lost its CCG, those 2 teams would still make the 4 team playoffs so it would be no different with an 8 team playoff.

If they are thinking to expand the playoffs to 8 teams, they are going to use the same logic as today for selecting them.

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