Predicting the National Champ

Well, he’s no Pistol Pete… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


He’s a regular Bob Petit

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Not sure how strong UNC really is……

The ACC is hot garbage….just a bit top heavy.


They would shove in the B10 and Big East but would be 5-3 or so in the B12 imo

They probably split with Duke and drop a couple of games to desperate bubble teams to get passed by Tennessee or Kansas for a 1 seed though


I’ve watched them play a few games… They’re a legit contender in my opinion.


Have you seen R. J. Davis play? Has to be put in as one of top Guards in Country. Then you combine him w Babcot underneath, very tough team. I wouldn’t hesitate to put UNC in Top 5 teams out there. But the ultimate prize is wide open among 8-12 teams imo.

ACC manages to perform well in the tourney even in a down year unlike the Big Ten and Pac. I would not be shocked at all to see UNC cut down the nets.

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I’ll take your word for it….

I’ve only seen them play twice….Nova and Kentucky.

Then you factor in how weak half the conference is….you can see where I’m coming from.

And to the other guys, my comment was just “ not sure how strong UNC really is”

I didn’t say they sucked.

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It’s tough for me to judge how weak the ACC is… I KNOW ND and Louisville are trash but the middle of the pack is better, in my opinion, than the national media is portraying them to be…

Idk what happened to UNC at Ga. Tech, though… But Stoudamire had them playing well on Tuesday; he’ll bring Tech back to relevance.

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The ACC still went 7-3 against the Big 12 so I think their teams are better than their records indicate. They won’t garner as many bids because of their weak non-conference performance but the teams that do make it will be dangerous.

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Found this guy on Instagram, some pretty cool info.

Pretty much tells you where teams need to be in the analytics to have a chance at the natty

National Title Blueprint


Houston Vs Kansas recap


Watching the Purdue/Indiana game, second half #2 Purdue up 20 points and play by play seriously says, “This looks like a Purdue team that could make it out of the first round”

note: Purdue has been bounced 2/3 years in the first round. Lost to a 16 and 13 seed.

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They made sure to play a much better OOC schedule this year. For once, I think they are actually as good as their rankings.

Their guard play had been much better this year, that’s been the difference. Used to be teams could quintuple team Edey and barely have to worry about the other 4.

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I am watching Phi Slamma Jamma 30 for 30 before the super bowl.

Guy makes a lot of sense.

Pretty much the exact way I feel about the Coogs.

I’m not worried about the lack of a traditional center….
my biggest worry is finding offense.

We don’t have that third guy that can score consistently……that guy that is a threat even when Shead and Cryer are cold.

It’s not Sharp, not Dunn….Mark could have been the guy.

Imagine this team with a Rob Gray type player….we would be the favorites to win it all.

Unfortunately I feel like we are going to be one guy short this year.

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Purdue’s non conference run was nuts with wins over Tennessee, Marquette, Arizona, Bama, Xavier, and Gonzaga but the Big Ten might be weaker than ever.

The second best team according to metrics is Illinois and their resume is meh. And Wisconsin has lost 4 straight since Katz purred at them.


I think $harp gonna prove you wrong in March… He’s that dude.

Hopefully, the committee puts 6 MWC teams in the tourney… That should help our odds… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can’t tell me 6 MWC teams deserve to be in… I don’t buy it.


Agreed… B1G :basketball: isn’t good… Big 12 and Big East are WAY BETTER imo.