Pregame Thread: Houston vs Tulsa, 630p CT on ESPNU

Tulsa opens -3.

Glad this season is almost over


I was actually surprised at the line. A -3 to the home team basically means they see the two teams as even on a neutral field.

I think it would mean a lot to these players if we could stop this slide.


We know Tulsa will miss 9 FG’s so if we bend and not break…


Because the future is bright. I know the feeling. It’s like you know you are getting a used Nintendo Wii this Christmas but also know you will get a Nintendo Switch next year…you just want to get through this Christmas so you can get to next year. Nailed it?


I’m glad the season is almost over because it’s a lost cause. Nothing positive to gain for the rest of the season. It feels like this season has just dragged on. As much potential next season has, there really is no guarantee that it will come together. The transfers, red shirts, coaching, etc. We just have to wait and see.


I may be a lone voice here, but I have enjoyed the season. We played hard in every game and had some really exciting moments. Sure, I want us to win every game, but understand our situation and look for the bright spots. I have sat through worse seasons. Our guys play hard and do their best, that’s all I can ask for.


At this point, I just hope we don’t get rolled.

I enjoy the games too.


Season was a disappointment, but there were some positives.


My family wants to know why we don’t win anymore. I finally made my kids watch “The Apple Dumplin Gang.”

I point to Don Knotts and tell them the university hired him as our coach about 3 years ago.


But Don Knotts was funny…


Hopefully we will reap what we have sown. I am anxious to see what Coach brings in via HS and Juco Recruits, not to mention the good old transfers. This thing has the makings of a quick turn around!

Go Coogs


I keep hearing that next year’s defense is incredible. the scout team is really good. this comes from staff who films and breaks down the practice film for the coaches.

The only game I did not enjoy was the Tulane game because I felt that we quit. The other games have been disappointing, but with the team has played hard in all of them.


Guess you forgot about Jacketgate

I think they quit at Tulane because they thought the game was over. Lol

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I’m with you, I’ve actually enjoyed the season. Even though we finished with a better record last year, I was more frustrated and irritated with how things went.

The players this year seem to have a lot more heart and have never quit. There’s been a lot of players playing injured, a lot of players playing the full game because we have no depth, and other players playing for the first time.

A lot of players got some really good experience this year, and I think it’s going to lead to us having some very good depth next year. The only thing I can say that I haven’t liked about this team is not the team itself, but that the fans haven’t come out to support the players win or lose.

Plus, now we have to wait nine months for another Cougar football game. Booo!



We need Gus he was automatic from 80yds