PreSeason Top25

So…we aren’t on the list lol


I remember when we hired CTW. I was really really excited, and there were some great runs. I’ll never forget beating Bregman’s LSU in Baton Rouge.

I feel like football and basketball are strong and on the rise, there really isn’t any reason why baseball should be the same. I’m not really sure what the answer is, but I feel like it might be time to move on.

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He needs to win the conference this year or be fired.


Hahaha haha.

That is not happening this year, sorry. You gotta have the horses :racehorse: , and I don’t see it.

I agree… But that’s what needs to happen to save his job imo… Whatever that’s worth.


#12 ECU

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They love some ECU around my area of Cackalacky.

I see more ECU fans than Wake Forest or Duke fans.

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Remember when our baseball program was on real solid ground and was always competing to get to the College World Series every year and our basketball program was still trying to get out of deep hibernation mode?

Now…the programs are two ships sailing in opposite directions.

How to do we get our baseball program back by the time we enter the Big12?

There is ton of baseball talent in the Houston area…and I’m hoping the Astros run made many even more local kids become passionate about playing the sport. The talent is here!

It’s pretty obvious……been mentioned in the “schedule “ thread many times what most of us believe needs to happen.


Next year baseball is about to get real!
We have 5 opponents on there next year and could be
more before next year.(could be less).

You found that many!?

Hang on, let me look again.

Well we were saying the same thing about Dana before this season so who knows

Back on the baseball board again I see. Had to go underground after being reprimanded repeatedly for insisting UH baseball is an elite college baseball program. Probably the most out of touch assertion for 2021, and that’s saying something considering what went on in the football forum. Only the totally deluded think that UH baseball even has a snowball’s chance in hades to be a 2022 baseball version of 2021 UH football.

By the way, ECU is North Carolina’s version of Texas Tech.

Go Coogs, beat West Carolina (even ECU is laughing at that one)!!!

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Get a life dude

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It’s all good. Being a Astros and Coogs fan my entire life makes me believe “It ain’t over , until it’s over” Why I love baseball so much…crazy things happen. #Omahabeforeidie
Go Coogs ! Make the Dance

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Well, as the polly prez, I am obligated to say that as bleak as this season appears, I never fail to believe that UH will come out of nowhere and win it all!!!

That said.

Whiting should be on a very short leash.

Baseball is the big sport at ECU. Back in the early C-USA days there was a conference baseball message board and 95% of those posting on it were ECU and Tulane supporters. This was before Rice was a conference member and the board was dead by then.

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I hope you’re no more than 50.