Prime to Colorado

I’m not too familiar with him, but I see he got the Kent St HC job at age 31. He’s still only 37. Might be a strong recruiter who can come in for a couple of down years and set up some talent for a better coach to come in and win with.

I said before the season that neither the UH OL or Colorado OL was a top OL. I also said that I like our OL talent more than I like Colorado’s. My buddies gave me crap over that after week one…


He has 59 total yards for 4 games. If he doesn’t redshirt he might break 100 yards for the season.

Some of the ‘experts’ were talking about hiring Sean as our HC lol. Shows where fans can take you. As CKS famously said, you start listening to them, you will soon be sitting with them’.



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That’s gold, jerry. Gold.

must be nice - ain’t many guys getting that opportunity who’ve put in the work and time

Well this is different for coach Prime.


UCLA may want to look a little deeper into who they recruit.

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Has the shine worn off of Prime yet? The hype was nauseous earlier this yr

I am a Prime fan, but the hype was ridiculous. I didn’t even hear an advertisement for last night’s game so I am guessing most of it has died off. It will be funny to compare tv ratings from these last couple to the early season ones.

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Do you believe? :laughing:

Fox is in a ratings war with ESPN. Prime is a very marketable commodity. Fox was shoving Prime down our throats after that first win against TCU. Its all about ratings.

WAS a marketable commodity

with that 5 star recruit de-commiting, i think “prime” has one more year. sure, CU will keep him for 4 or 5 but if he goes 4-8 next year, there will be enough disbelief that its going to be a hard road to the top.

If Prime leaves Colorado, it’s because his sons are no longer there.




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