Projected 2019 Houston Cougars Depth Chart

Comments: Dana Holgorsen made it known that he wasn’t thrilled with how the previous regime handled the quarterback situation. He said that King should have two more years left and Tuneshould have been given a redshirt last year. King’s health remains vitally important this year in order to keep the potential of redshirting the other three (which is technically still possible). King returns as the best quarterback in the conference, and quite possibly the most complete quarterback in the country.

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There’s been a ton of talk about how CDH wishes more guys were redshirted. But, isn’t it a pretty big selling point for a non-P5 school when talking to major recruits that they’ll have an opportunity to play almost immediately if they choose Houston over a P5 school? I don’t disagree that these kids need time to develop and get stronger, but I wonder how many big time recruits we’ll miss out on if CDH wants to redshirt everyone. Thoughts?

The truth is somewhere in between. I think kids want to play, but may not want to burn eligibility on 5 games (see Tune). This also goes for guys on the lines that had to play as true freshman when we had some upper classmen that could have played.


If we get waivers for those dbacks, we can surprise on defense. Offense should be potent as long as King remains healthy. Man… '20 class will be crucial for the future.

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I’m not sure he wants to redshirt everyone. It seems some redshirts weren’t used wisely. Tune just crossing the line last year to play in a meaningless bowl game and using a year for King so he could provide depth at receiver in 2016 are a couple of instances where we probably could have been more strategic.

The use of Corbin, Lark, and Stevenson are a few more instances in 2016.


Carmouche and Edgeston likely starters at LB. Godfrey now a DE. Might see Willis-Dalton starting at NB, especially if Moore doesn’t get waiver.


Edgeston has a very athletic body type and stands out physically on the field relative to the other players I saw during a scrimmage.

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I figured Turner would move to inside. He’s huge! If he can play with good pad level he’s going to destroy a lot of plays. He’s very underrated.


I don’t understand what the definition of a “meaningless bowl game” is. If we are playing in a bowl, we should be committed to winning it and giving it our best shot. They sure seem to mean a lot when we lose. Remember all the grief CMA took over losing the LV bowl?


Well, this came back from the dead. I posted that 3 weeks ago.

Maybe meaningless is a bit strong but not too much. If I listen to people on this board, most (including and maybe especially Applewhite’s biggest supporters) knew we were going to get drilled by Army. So, winning seemed highly unlikely.

And, burning a QB’s redshirt (that hadn’t played particularly well) for the Armed Forces Bowl didn’t seem like the most strategic use of the guy’s eligibility. Reasonable minds can disagree but that’s my stance.

Also, I think the Las Vegas Bowl is a step above the Armed Forces Bowl. It’s probably the second best bowl we’ve played in since the 2006 Liberty Bowl.

Or … Peach Bowl.

That’s number 1.

Do we believe that Dana will redshirt the entire Freshman class?


Randy, I have an easy way to decide which is better between the AF Bowl and the LV Bowl; which has the better payout?

Las Vegas Bowl

I wonder if CDH came in and evaluated the roster on the defensive side and decided on talent to switch to a 4 man front (4-2-5, 4-3 scheme, whatever), or if he brought in his new defensive coaches and they decided to go that way?

I ask because I always thought we had more depth at linebacker. I know we have a few JC recruits along the line now though. I guess the staff thought they’re better than some of the linebackers that have been on the roster a few years that really haven’t played much yet?

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I think our DL is deeper, especially after the jucos we brought in. I think we’ll be okay at LB, but it’s not one of our stronger position groups.


You are correct, Sam. I was thinking of last year’s linebacking core being so experienced. I was just reading the S&H pawdcast breakdown and hadn’t realized how many linebackers moved to the line or graduated.

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