Protesters blocking the road

Posting this from a legal standpoint (not a political stance regarding what the protesters are protesting against).

You see this happening so often, I’m just curious what legal rights the driver of a car may have if their path in the road is being blocked by people sitting in the road protesting some cause?

What if it’s an ambulance with a dying patient and the path in the road is being blocked by protesters sitting in the street?

Can come up with numerous other examples of the driver’s path being blocked by protesters (and it’s an emergency situation or just frustrated that they can’t get home).

Any legal experts want to chime in here with what the driver can do legally and can’t do?

Can the driver (legally) get out of their car and physically move the protester out of the way?

Can you give the protesters a warning to move out of the way (possibly video it), asking them to move, and if they don’t (as crazy as this sounds) does the driver of the car have a right to start running over these protesters? Or giving the protesters the impression that they’re serious about running over them so they’ll get the message and get up and leave?

I ask this because as I said this is happening more and more and I also had a friend in NYC where this recently happened. Her father was really sick and she was rushing him to the ER when all of a sudden the street was backed up because of protesters. She said the path was cleared eventually because drivers and people passing by eventually started dragging the protesters out of the road and physically threatening them if they went back in the road.

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Police generally have the power to remove protestors that block the road, obstruct traffic, etc.

The right to peacefully protest does have its limits.

As for the rights of anyone to sue the protestors because they were harmed by the blockage…you’ll have to ask a personal injury lawyer.

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The rule is if you’re in a hurry you have the right to run over protesters. This also applies to all pedestrians, the right of the road goes to vehicles.


Works for me.


This is the one time I wouldn’t mind a coal roller.

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Run over people, you go to jail. The law is pretty clear on this. Just ask the Charlottsville scumbag that ran over counter protesters.

I think the exception was that guy in New York that was surrounded by a sports bike gang and he plowed through them to escape. They eventually caught him and beat him.

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Florida tried to pass an “anti riot” protest law also granting immunity to those who run over protestors but it was blocked by a federal judge. The GOP wants to see immunity for vigilantly style justice in dealing with protestors.

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Right, but only “those” protestors of course.



Obviously I condemn what Cotton said.


“The Electronic Intifada?”


Curious source…for OBVIOUS reasons.

Talk about questionable sources? Good grief! Wasn’t Mother Jones or Rolling Stone available?

I don’t believe the article.

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Pro life and Christian protestors are exempt from being run over without a penalty. Just “those” people get run over.

I heard Cotton say exactly that live on Fox News as they interviewed him. He was quoted directly and accurately in that article.

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That’s fine, but really now.

When you use sources like that…it doesn’t exactly help make your point.

That ranks right up there with “addicting info.”

Clearly some can’t keep these out of politics. Not you Chris.

How dare you use an article that quotes somebody verbatim. You’ve stooped to a new low, Johnny. I’m disappointed. /s

No easy answers.

Since the mods won’t correct this. Here is what Tom Cotton wrote:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1780039918737121502|twgr^7a82de6d642383739cf8ade8764ba390362dfa5a|twcon^s1_&
Blocking public highways with ambulances, pregnant mothers, doctors appointments, people rushing to a life changing event have every right to get these illegal/law breaking … and get them out of the way. Tom Cotton never wrote to push them out of a bridge but this antifa johnny’s article wants you to to believe that.
There is a police to protect the population. The population is being taken hostage by a few unlawful radicals again breaking the law.