Protesters blocking the road

Not sure what you mean here?

I’m not saying I believe Israel stole land from Palestine to the point that I view is as fact, and I feel the same for the opposite viewpoint.

Regardless, I do acknowledge that Israel is a state and should be, and I also believe that will never change. I think a two state solution poses a security threat to Israel and I therefore I don’t support it.

I personally believe that the Palestine population will always suffer in perpetuity and will always be in a state of misfortune. They unfortunately landed on the wrong side of history.

Hamas/Palestinians, any of their citizens who kill a Jew(s) by blowing themselves up, their family will receive a monthly payment for life.

What a wonderful incentive plan.

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How much?

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I wonder if J G Wentworth will buy that annuity.

“If you are blowing up zionists and you need cash back now, call J G Wentworth…

Oh he got it off of the social media… Consider me skeptical.

Not saying it’s completely fabricated but let’s go ahead and use stuff a little more reputable than social media.

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See that’s much better. I mean it’s gross, but that’s how bad people operate. Do bad things for us we’ll take care of you and your family.

The various forms of mobs, cartels, terrorists that’s pretty standard procedure. Otherwise you really limit your recruiting pool.

Rather than cancelling graduation, as occurred elsewhere, CWRU has a different strategy.

It’s a pretty serious subject overall but this was pretty good skit about the protesting college students and their parents. A Little humor in these things.

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If i’m not mistaken, haven’t most media outlets reported that less than half the protestors at colleges are actual students of the university itself?

But yeah i saw this skit when it first aired, it was funny and had a sense of truth to it

Was there a war that didn’t result in civilian casualties? Certainly not ones I can think of. Japan killed a couple of thousands of people, both military and civilian and the war that resulted, caused in hundreds of thousands of Japanese killed by allied forces. Of course the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed over 200,000 civilians - including women and children. Yet, allied nations celebrated. In Germany, one incendiary raid on Hamburg resulted in over 300,000 casualties. Yet allied nations cheered on VE day.

What is the key difference today? It’s the constant drumbeat by the media claiming how brutal and merciless Israel is after the Palestinians started the war killing over 1000 Israeli civilians and taking all those hostages (numbers in relation to population far greater than those after the attack on Pearl Harbor). I often wonder if we would have won WWII had the media not supported our efforts. I also wonder what is the motive of today’s media in the current conflict. To me, it would be the equivalent of our media in WWII supporting the Germany and Japan.


Here is an interesting follow-up read Mike on how the media was controlled and shaped post nuclear bombing.

I don’t think I mind a drumbeat of a factual accounting of things. Granted the media of today
is much more prolific and almost has limitless ability to touch us on our personal phones and computers. But many of us yearn for the way things were in yesteryear on lots of things.

Interesting thread here if reported accurately… I’m pretty sure I’ve found Bibi’s opponent next election

Still want to know why I’m a coward.

My take is a one state solution is not achievable, two or however many wrongs don’t make a right, West Bank settlements are problematic and just because America favors Israel that doesn’t mean Palestinians have no right to a homeland.

Also, arguments get lost in the weeds by semantics and telling others what their position is.