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Looking for feedback to see if anyone might know what the inventory selection looks like at the Academy either in Memorial or at the 620/Kirby location. Both would be convenient for us Friday night and we’d like to stop by one for some purchases. Thanks.

The best selection will always be the book store at the University Center. I think if you can prove your an Alum (card in mail last week) there is a 15% discount.

59/Kirby Academy location has consistently been the one location with the most UH gear. I have no clue about inventory levels at the moment, but UH even partnered with them last Saturday for a kickoff event. So I would assume they will have gear for you. Also, they will be open in your timeframe of Friday night.

Went to the bookstore on campus, and it seemed like 70% female attire. Went to Kirby Academy, and was pretty disappointed. Perhaps I’m too picky, but I came away empty handed. I thought the available selection at both was horrible, and there were no jerseys. I mean, wtf. Zero jerseys for my son at either place.

I saw UH youth jerseys at the Katy Academy this weekend. Unfortunately, they aren’t Nike replicas, but are generic jerseys with black trim around the white numbers. Doesn’t look like a UH jersey at all.

I can attest that the Katy Academy has a terrible UH selection. I can’t even find a decent ball cap there.

Sugar land location leaves much to be desired as of this AM.

Surprising, though maybe they got wiped out over the weekend. Anyone try out the store near the stadium? I know their hours aren’t the friendliest to people who have jobs. But I have never really been that impressed with their selection either.

If UH was going to go out of their way to promote the Kirby location, you would think they would keep some good UH gear in stock.

Naturally, in the week before the biggest game in years, the Fan Shop at the stadium is closed for renovations.


The Bunker Hill location is basically a joke too. There was at least 7 other people there trying to buy stuff for their kids and themselves for Saturday and had nothing to choose from at lunch today. I told them it would be worth their while to go park in the garage and walk over to the Student Center as they have just about everything there. Thanks Academy for being an official supporter of UH athletics, now get some (quality) gear.

As I said before, they missed a huge opportunity to sell a lot of gear. Unreal they didn’t buy the coaches polos either, as the main sizes are already out for the Red polo in the bookstore (only place I see you can get them).

Thanks… damn getting my cities mixed up… it was Kirby/59 I was referencing. Will likely go there Friday evening. Thanks.

Following up on what atlcoog said. The BunkerHill (I-10& beltway) location is non existent. If you’re in the area shopping, consider stopping by and let them know your opinion. “Where’s your UH section?” And walk out :slight_smile:

Dang I was just about to go there for that Polo tks for the heads up. GoCoogs

For kids Jerseys, oddly enough the Target on Beltway8 by Pearland Parkway has tons of them. Picked up a replica for the boy there for like $15.

The Academy over here in Pearland has a good amount of kids, womens and mens stuff. Both new and clearance gear. No jerseys for guys though.

We even found a decent amount of stuff over here at the Kohl’s on the other side of 288 on 518.

The 3 locations to me are a joke:

249 & 1960 @ Willowbrook, 45N & West Rd, and 45N & Spring Cypress next to Splashtown. Willowbrook had a good selection back in April and now is pretty much nonexistent

The Academy on 10 and 99 has an Advocare kickoff shirt. I’m trying to find that clear bag the UH football Twitter account sent out for the wife – anyone see those?

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I’ll be the third to confirm the Bunker Hill store is a total joke, they have less now than one and two years ago. Yes, I did let them know.

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Scarlet Red NIKE Coaches Polo UPDATE:

UH bookstore, new shipment will arrive 09/16.

The just had 3 XXL in scarlet available. Plenty of sizes available in Black.


Academy on kirby has the clear bag

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Hey guys…just joined today and really enjoying catching up on these forums! Thanks for sharing the information as I fly in from Chicago on Thursday and was hoping to hit an Academy for some UH gear. Good thing I purchased my polo from FansEdge.com a few weeks ago. They have a nice selection of UH gear, but was hoping to pick some other UH gear locally while I was in Houston. Ugghhh…

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