Having lived in South America I can attest the taste bud denuding “mother grain” never caught on outside Peru and Bolivia.

Its like eating smoked sawdust with cardboard in a baking soda marinade.

Stop paying for quinoa when dirt is free.



Its bland, but supposedly good for us.

That said. I did make it like I make Mexican Rice, and it wasn’t half bad. I prefer Mex rice for the effort, but this wasn’t awful.

Other than that, no clue. Not something I eat often.

It’s supposed to be used as a vehicle to deliver delicious sauces and spices to your mouth but with less carbs…

One of the few plants in the plant kingdom that provides all the amino acids meat provides. One of natures perfect foods. Personally I like it.I make a tabouli out of it. Just have to know good recipes to make it delectable


Care to share what those are ?

I’m still not quite sure what Quinoa is. Can I get it at Whataburger?


Douse it in Ranch and it’s as good as anything else in a salad, except tomatoes. Tomatoes are too good for salads, imo.


Tabouli is something I can’t get close to my mouth. I have a cast iron stomach and I once ate guinea pig stew without vomiting. I’ve also eaten squirrel brains from a can. But I cannot eat tabouli.

Neither can I eat orzo, artichoke, or hominy.

I rank the uneatable:

  1. Seaweed
  2. Orzo (semolina)
  3. Quinoa
  4. Artichoke
  5. Hominy

Gotta have poi on that list - straight mud.

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Poi sucks

Oh oh oh…I forgot conch. That #% tastes like the outhouse on the set of “Mountain Monsters.”

I’ve actually had some seaweed dishes that was decent.

My granny cooked up hominy with lots of butter and bacon that was awesome.

Artichokes are weird. I hate it when they slip some fried ones in with the calamari. A-holes. :rage:

What state was your grandmother from? Mine did that, too.

Look up tabouli recipes just substitute quinoa for the tabouli about the same texture wise. I cook the the quinoa like rice i use a rice cooker. Then after i dice up ( i use a processor or you can do by hand) red onion, celery, tomatoes ( hand cut those), cumcumber, carrot. Some nuts i use mix nuts pistachio, cashew ,pecan etc use whatever you want and how much you want with a sprinking of roasted sesame seeds, Cilantro add tumeric, a little lemon juice cayene, sesame oil, salt and pepper stir it a up. In a glass or metal big bowl, don’t use plastic tumeric it will stain it will last about 3 days i usually just pig out on that

Middle Eastern here I have never heard of tabouli having quinoa wtf

strakerak chiming in with ethnic culinary enforcement!

That took a lot of moxie, BigCat, to come on this board and drop a fusion hipster tabouli recipe knowing full well there are fourth and fifth generation Arab-Anericans ready to step in an establish order.

Stone cold moxie, sir.



That’s the difference in gourmet cooking and just cooking. Put your own pizzazz on things. Take a piece of boot leather make it into a 5 star Michelin meal. :rofl:

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When my wife bakes a chicken she mixes Quinoa and rice and bakes it in the same dish with the chicken….I guess the juices from the chicken do their part because it’s delicious….

But my daughter makes it by itself and eats with salad….have to mix with salad dressing to get it down.

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In other words, it’s good as long as you don’t taste it. :laughing:


We’re multigenerational Texas Gulf-coaters. Granny always cooked for farmers/ranchers, so “light” meals weren’t a thing. She might have whooped me with her cane if I suggested some BS like quinoa in human food.