Re: UH Playing UT Again

Good Duarte story about UH playing UT again. (paywall)

Includes photo I’d never seen before of the few UT fans at Hofheinz during Bleachergate game.

“I hope it works out,” said Chris Pezman, UH’s vice president for athletics. “I’ll believe it when I see it…” Not getting the Longhorns on the schedule has not been for a lack of trying. Texas rejected an offer by UH to play home-and-home football and basketball series for reducing the buyout owed former Cougars coach Tom Herman after he bolted for the Longhorns. UT instead wrote a check for $2.5 million.


Duarte always coming thru.

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It sounds like Pezman is not fully convinced that the a big 12 will take place.



“A year ago, we weren’t doing NIL (name, image, likeness),” he said this week as a UH contingent for the first time participated in Big 12 meetings at the swanky Hyatt Resort at Gainey Ranch. “Two years ago, we weren’t doing transfer portal. I use those just as examples because of how fast this can change. Who would have ever thought we would even have a chance to be in a league with some of these teams? Now it’s looking like a possibility. “Today it could be there; tomorrow it may not.”

He is cautiously optimistic but knows that the college landscape changes a lot.

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Nvm. No paywall for me. I read every JD story he writes on UH. My Huh was to something else mrCoog. But again nvm

Ive heard our basketball coach didnt showed up. People like Scott Drew thought that was odd.

I think he’s referring to playing UT


Which would require UH being included in the Big 12. Duarte even writes “you can excuse Pezman’s pessimism on the subject ( playing it) until the contracts are signed. Unless perhaps he is is cautious about ut going to the sec, which when I think about it now seems more likely.

Coogs are going to the BIG12 UHCOOG, You can book that part :100:. What happens in the future yrs is for another day. Well some might want to discuss the 5, 10, 15 year out landscape now. :roll_eyes::man_shrugging:


No…Not talking about Big 12, but UT…Pez thinks if UT can find a way to manipulate future conference schedules to avoid playing us, they will. That is where the no division BS is coming from…No divisions for 2 years makes it easier for UT to avoid us…


Thk you Aldine. I was too lazy to explain it.

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Thought last line about the dream for uh being closer than ever was kinda dumb… I wouldn’t call a ut game a dream… I’m ok without it


That’s a good point.

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Yeah, I’m good not playing ut. I’m glad they’re leaving the conference so that we don’t have to deal with their crap.


It is quite unfortunate…With 14 schools and 9 conference games, that means 4 schools will not get to play UT in 23 and 24. I think UT will use every bit of influence they have to make us one of the 4 each year…WHAT cowards…


Although, I doubt they would have leverage in scheduling since they are on the way out, right? I think the “8” would prefer to put them at a disadvantage?


Lets hope youre right…

Unless ut promises to schedule them in the future or something. Honestly, I don’t even care about playing ut. I’m just glad we’re in the Big 12.


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