Regents Approve Football Ops Bldg


Great to hear. For those in the know, this seems to
be a somewhat scaled back version based on dollars.
I thought previously it was expected to be in the $100
million dollar range. If that’s true, what are we leaving out on it or missing . Don’t get me wrong, a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush… so this is a big plus.

Think it is all still on track: original plan included $$ millions for redo of the Athletics Alumni Center once Football moved out; that may be decoupled from the F.O.Center philanthropy + TRB budget now and instead covered by University facility deferred maintenance allocations. In any case, another win for the COOGS!


Okay. Is that the weight room ? Remain in AAC or will
dedicated one for football be in the FO ?

equipment room = weight room ?

Bingo, your #2 proposal is correct.
ALL Football to NEW F.O.C.;
ALL BB now in GVL;
ALL Baseball now in OpsBldg.;
All other sports in a TBD renovated AAC.




Glad to hear this. Prices keep going up bc we paid , what, 128 mil for the stadium?


I fail to understand any excitement surrounding this. There was absolutely no mention of palm trees. Jeez.


Going to the big12 certainly helped bc it’s paying off. I doubt we do this if stuck in the aac. I recall an article way back questioning all the money we spent hoping for p5 so at least we got p5 done to prove it’s worth all the spending.


Copied from CougarRed Post:

The West EZ complex will basically duplicate the Athletics Alumni Facility in terms of coaches’ offices, locker rooms, position meeting rooms, auditorium, film room, recruiting lounge, players lounge, study hall, nutrition center. It will be home base for the football program.

With football and basketball moving out of the Athletics Alumni facility, we have a lot of room there now to add more sports if a P5 conference requires it. Most of the P5 conferences sponsor a lot more sports than we offer. #GrandPlan



I doubt we get hockey but it could print money for UH since there’s a growing Houston demand.

I believe it’ll be men’s soccer, gymnastics, and something like women’s bowling or rugby or so. Hockey would be great though.


I didn’t think any sport printed money especially not any new ones.


Originally in 2016, the cost was $40M but Herman left and they put everything on hold so yes I can believe the price is up to $75M for the delay and adding P5 compatible design.


I think we shouldn’t add anymore sports and take whatever extra big12 money and throw it towards our admin to help reduce how much they give athletics to get our subsidy more in line with many p5s. Also don’t increase the athletic budget. We can compete with our budget. Then don’t raise ticket prices for football for a while. That’s what I’d do.

Just work on selling the fb stadium out with some cheap seats to mop up the empties we see.

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I’m down for women’s gymnastics……I married a cheerleader/gymnast.


If we were to add, I think the one practical one would be men’s swimming. But I agree to keep it as is and use the extra money in other areas.

Adding more sports is the last thing on the administration’s mind especially when the school is still subsiding athletics.

There is no money for additional sports.

Add men’s hockey and women’s rifle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hockey is considered to be one of the toughest and most expensive sports to add.

Even Illinois has had trouble starting up a DI hockey program, despite being located in one of the nation’s biggest high school hockey states, having no current program in the state, and being a member of a top DI hockey conference. UH would likely be even harder.

That said, we can certainly add women’s gymnastics and wrestling with few complications!