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Legal cannabis stores linked to fewer opioid deaths in the United States | BMJ.

Stop talking out of your rear end

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Out of respect to Reggie can we just let this thread go away. Please stop debating this and just let it go


No, that’s not what that chart is telling you.

A couple of things I’ll address even though I’m sure it won’t make sense to you 1) drugs help keep some people alive (Have you ever known someone with diabetes? Cancer? Asthma?) and 2) for years doctors over prescribed oxycontin and people became addicted and needed more and more.

Then explain this chart, Einstein?

It’s a CULTURE SHIFT that drug use is acceptable, imcluding Marijuana

Every American city I visit now stinks of weed and that wasn’t always the case.

  1. Cannabis has helped people with epilepsy reduce or stop the occurrence of seizures.

Yeah because tobacco and alcohol aren’t legal or anything.

Once legalized, marijuana production, processing and distribution would be corporatized. If any company supplies a person with something that kills them, they’d have Hell to pay in the way of lawsuits and anyone who got it off the black market would reap what they sow should something be wrong with it.

That chart has literally nothing to do with Marijuana. We’re in a midst of an opioid crisis in part because doctors used to overprescribe pain meds. I doubt you even clicked on the study I linked you to so I’m not gonna spend waste my time arguing with a wall.


What the chart says is that around 2015 Mexican cartels started increasingly cutting street drugs with Chinese fentanyl and people who were addicted to prescribed oxycontin but couldn’t get enough through their prescription to meet their addiction began buying the black-market fake oxycontin and dying from fentanyl overdoses.

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They gave me hydrocodiene for my hip replacement. Quit taking it after day two. Didn’t want to get addicted to that stuff, would rather be in pain.

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No. No we won’t.

100% agree

RIP Reggie.


Thr chart isn’t tracking Marijuana specifically…it’s tracking ALL drug overdoses.

When did the overdoses explode…around the same time laws on drugs became more relaxed.

Drug use is no longer the dirty vice it was in the 80s, 90s or early 2000s

Because of that overdoses are skyrocketing.

As i said, it can all be 100% legal but THE INDIVIDUAL still has the freedom to decide what he/she puts in their body

Correlation ≠ causation

Not to you

Dopers aren’t stupid. They are maximizing their profits.

They gave me hydrocodiene for my hip replacement. Quit taking it after day two. Didn’t want to get addicted to that stuff, would rather

The spike in deaths has to do with street dealers cutting their drugs with fentanyl. If the majority of cannabis users were still buying pot from dealers instead of reputable businesses we would be seeing even more overdoses.

I have Epilepsy, no medicine has stopped me from having seizures. My doctor got me to try cannabis and it didn’t work. I’ve also had surgery and a device called a Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted, but they didn’t work either. The VNS might (and I stress might) reduce the time length of the seizure.

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