Remember When

We bragged to the entire college Football world that we, as a G5 program, were able to “steal” a P5 coach.

The reality was he was in the same position as here, about to be fired, because he is a mediocre coach , a horrible recruiter, and an excuse machine.

WHO vetted this guy and WHO approved that dumb coach friendly extension when NOBODY was coming after him?


That was indeed the hype back in the day.

Not sure it’s working out ideally of course.


Good insight. Now that we have had almost 5 years of CDH and are now going up against teams as talented or more than us just like he did at WVU, we can clearly see the other side of the coin. In the end, hiring him to UH was a flashy, “look at us, we are power players in college football too hire” play by Fertitta that happened because of his relationship with CDH. The hire looked pretty good on paper, but not so much if you really think it out beyond the head turning “a P5 to G5 coaching move by choice!!! oooooooohhh cooolll”. No chance it was anywhere near the best “objective hire” we could have made at the time including giving Apple a probation year. Pez then foolishly doubled down in 2021. Strike 2. Strike 3 will be if we don’t cut our losses and move on after this year. Y’all ready to see under 20K season tickets and butts in seats next year?


Remember when we used to win football games lol


Remember our offense, the play calling, and our new stud RB from the first half of the Texas Tech game…


Remember when we played Texas Tech in NRG, a few years back, and jumped out to a big lead then after halftime, their coach made adjustments and ours had no clue what that was.

Nothing has changed…he can’t coach


This is b12 football, guys. Its just like Rice football.


Oh he adjusted at halftime yesterday.

He quit using Parker Jenkins, and he quit running the offense that put 28 points on the board.

We went back to trying to run Mathis up the gut, and altered back to vanilla.

If we don’t do that, we maybe end up with a game like Ole Miss played and won at the end.

Instead, we got what we did in the 2nd half.

I have never seen a coach abandon what has been successful the way Dana does. It’s incredibly bizzare.


Wasn’t it known that Dana was on the verge of being fired at WVU?


This is true. WVU fans were glad to see him go, and the writing was on the wall. He wasn’t getting an extension and was woefully underperforming with all the tools in his last season in West Virginia.

That being said, I do think he really dislikes WV and we’ll beat them.

I said this hire was a mistake from the beginning. It was very clear Holgorsen was going to be fired at WVU, but Tilman brought Christmas early to Morgantown taking their failing coach off their hands and even paying a million dollar buyout.

But even then, I said this guy is at best a mediocre coach, a 7-5 type of guy. Five years later and three of those years are going to be losing seasons. He has exceeded my expectations for failing.

Then this administration extends him after the softest schedule we have played in the decades I have been a fan. To be clear, you extend a coach after a 12-win season, but giving him a new five-year contract, increasing his pay, and with a ridiculous buyout?!?

I didn’t want this guy to begin with, I didn’t want the extension, so the fools who hired him and extended him can pay to get rid of him.

If they keep him here another year, they get what they deserve… one of the worst, if not the worst, head coach in UH history. Holgorsen has had more resources and money thrown at him than any other Houston coach, and he has failed miserably.


Those are the details that many people on here miss. Yes, there was a good argument for an extension, but not this sort of extension.

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Yes, I can see an extension as a possibility at least to help with recruiting, although I was against any extension at that point and it and it caught me off guard, but In no world do you extend your tie to him so prohibitively financially for so many more years after literally a possible flash in the pan year. Not like recruiting people was blowing up under him. Foolish and inept move by Pez. Fireable offense.


The worst bang for the buck indeed. Unfortunately, Pezman isn’t a dynamic leader so won’t do much about it. Dude follows orders, including Dana’s. That is his strength.

I don’t have confidence we will get any action this year or next.


“It’s not the extension. It’s the buyout.”

—-Richard Nixon


He follows orders and looks at spreadsheet. Can take some credit for Sampson’s greatness in bball. Keeps the $ spigot flowing for him. Why would he change? Khator and Fertitta need to make all this right in our whole athletic program or we will be Baylor of 20-25 years ago. Complete joke.

I would be shocked if he actually looked at spreadsheets. I feel like he just acts on what his subordinates tell him or what the coaches tell him. He is Yezman!

Dr. Khator and Fertitta are comfortable with Pezman because he carries out their orders and keeps the ship running without any major scandals. Any major coaching change will have to be signed off on from Dr. Khator and Fertitta. “Teflon Pezman”.

Blockquote administration extends him after the softest schedule we have played in the decades I have been a fan.

Exactly. We no longer have a schedule consisting of Prairie View, Grambling and Temple. Hell we couldn’t even get past Rice.


Worst coach in UH history? The other Dana and Kim were pretty terrible too. No more coaches with girl names!