Revisiting Barry Switzer’s Thoughts on Houston in the B12

I was reading an interesting thread on the TCU board that included this quote from Barry Switzer:

“(Stoops) lost to two teams - hell, Houston beats everybody,” Switzer said. "They were 13-1 last year, weren’t they? It’d be a hell of a mistake if the Big 12 allows them to come in. They’ve got better players in Harris County than anywhere else in the United States.

“You give them credibility like you did TCU (and) let them out of that Mountain something West league and give them credibility, they’ll be recruiting the same players (that) Texas, Oklahoma and everybody else is recruiting. And they’ll get them, too. Right now, they don’t get the same players. But they still get enough good ones.”

I don’t think we will ever get into the B12 as long as Oklahoma and Texas are there. My hopes are with the PAC-12. Anyone that ever says that UT and A&M aren’t scared of us should simply be referred to this quotation.



Switzer probably nailed it in his assessment. While you TU is sipping their tea, UH would rock the house in the nations 4th largest city.


We would be unstoppable man… I hate politics ahh

Exactly why UH needs to focus on other conferences than the Big 12. The only way they go there is if TU and OU leave the conference


Like him or hate him and personally Switzer ranks right up there with Jock itch as far as I’m concerned, but he was correct and that’s why TU &OU will never let us in their conference.


I believe that…better than LA and Florida too… …we would kick taill with UT money…

That said it all, that B12 coaches are afraid to compete with UH.


The basic calculus of the problem. Anywhere UT is , is not the place for us. Read about PAC 12 commissioner who never speaks to anybody but Chancellors and board members and rides the gravy train as an arrogant elitist. Everyone feels like keeping us out of our own reservation so they can feed is in their best interest. I think new conferences need to emerge in 2024. We are hamstrung to 1 bowl here.


I truly believe that if UH had been accepted into the Big 12 that Herman would have stayed in Houston. He had everything he needed right here to eventually compete for a national championship. I believe that 90% of the reason that Holgorsen was hired at UH is to put the Coogs over the top in terms of getting into a new conference in the next 3 years. The other sports are vastly improved over the past couple of years, and the track and field team is going to be the top program in the country if not this year then next year. I like Hulk Hulgo and believe that he is going to attract some recruits to UH that normally would not sign.


It is my firm belief that if UH is admitted into a P5 conference, there is no limit to the success they will have. As fertile a recruiting ground as Houston is, UH would be in the regular discussion for national championships in a number of sports each year. Frankly, if I was an opposing coach, I’d be scared to death of what UH can do with equal resources.


Even if you say on par, think of the programs in the biggest cities of FL and CA. USC, UCLA and Miami have dozens of conference championships and NY6 bowl wins and about 10 natties.

He never was going to stay here if Texas came calling. He came here to better his position in getting to Austin.


Houston is never getting into the B12.

We need to focus on other opportunities.

What is really scary: Look at what UH is doing without the resources. What will happen if is equal. UH would kill UT, ATM, LSU…and a few bother power teams. They are scared. We don’t want nor will we succumb to bottom feeder status. OU and Okie State would be affected severely. Texas realized that UH was too powerful during Run n shoot years, and realized they had to destroy us. We are surviving man!!!


When UH becomes P5, we will be very good with the right coach but we won’t get all the best recruits from Houston. TCU and Miami don’t get all the best recruits from their respective metropolitan cities.

This is why I don’t understand why B12 coaches are afraid of us being in the P5.

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That’s a big reach. We had the run and shoot From 87-92 and UT was able to beat us two of those years and went on to end up with a 16-2-7 record in their favor.

Dreams of UH becoming a perrenial powerhouse are delusional. Even Miami, with their domination of the 80’s is now mediocre.

I don’t care what names you call me, if the Big 12 coaches are convinced of this, that is all that matters…

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Guess it depends on your definition of a powerhouse.

Like Alabama? No. Then again there are probably only a handful of programs that could realistically reach their heights.

Like a TCU…absolutely.

A lot of us would be happy with a program that would make massive inroads like TCU in terms of national prominence and respectability.

Miami made some pretty rough coaching hires and lost a lot of momentum to Florida for years. Miami was a dominant program for 20 years and they possibly could become elite again. Hell they were ranked in the Top 10 in each of the last three seasons despite how badly this year turned out for them. I’d be happy to take that and consider it mediocre.

Well, after letting us in the SWC, we won 3 conference titles out of first 4 years. Texas then did everything in their power to destroy our program – and with UT’s Neils Thompson as president of NCAA, Dr Charles A. Wright as chairman of infractions committee, and their political clout in Austin, they had immense power.


It is possible Slow Six, but not likely. He stayed the 2nd year at UH when he could have gone somewhere else because there was still that possibility that UH was going to get into the Big 12.