Rice @ #15 UH - 11/12/21 7PM CST ESPN+ (W 79-46)

It shouldn’t be the biggest of blowouts, but Houston is clearly the better team and therefore the correct pick to come away victorious. Houston 80.17, Rice 63.96.


A lot will depend on if we can maintain the tenacity we had in the last 10 minutes of the Hofstra game. Hopefully Tramon Mark is ready to play, because that would help us a lot. I expect to see J’Wan Roberts eat into some other folks’ minutes–dude is a winner.

if we lose to Rice…lol not happening!

We’ll beat Rice.


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i wish we were a team that changes lineups based on opponents… but samspon is a creature of habbit, and will likely start witha traditional line up

if we could switch it up, i d start - shead, sasser, edwards, taze, and fabian… switch shead for mark if mark is healthy…

that lineup (rotating fabian and roberts) was how we came back last game… rice plays 4 guard lineups and with a tall 5…where all 4 can shoot, putting fabian vs their “4” might be tough


Shoot Kelvin an email and inform him that as one of Coogfans basketball experts your wish


I don’t think we have a traditional lineup for this season yet.

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Yeah we should play a 4 guard, 1 big lineup more often.

Last year against Memphis we had to.

Jarreau, Grimes, Sasser, Mark and Gorham.

Test out the 4 guard lineups during the regular season CAUSE guess when we needed it? Against Baylor

They spaced the floor and tore our defense apart

Guess who’s gonna play 4 guards + 1 big against us:

*Oregon (Maui tournament)

Playing Fabian + Carlton together, I thought it would’ve worked better. But both guys aren’t the quickest of foot

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Walker off the bench if Edwards continues to struggle

Everybody pump the brakes on these takes :joy:. Its one game and Mark/Chaney aren’t even healthy.


I’m OK with Sampson’s judgement. But you may be onto Something.

Hopefully we don’t treat the stadium like a library again. Crosstown rival on a Friday night. Should be fun.

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sampson is big on don’t change what works… its the sole reason he wore only a blue shirt for almost a decade


Rice could easily go two bigs. They have a 6-9 sophomore off the bench who was 5 of 5 against Pepperdine. They weren’t anything special against Pepperdine in the 1st half, but they blew out a decent Pepperdine team (at least they were decent last year - not sure about this year) in the 2nd half. At one point, they were outscoring Pepperdine by 28 in the 2nd half.

One of their starters (Mullins) barely played (their board said he has a hurt wrist). He’s a 3 year starter but they probably won’t miss him if he’s hurt. They’ll start Evee and Olivari for sure (6-1, 6-3), their 6-4 UMass transfer, and then probably a 6-7 sophomore and their 6-10 post. With a 6-9 post first off the bench.

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actually Kelvin said in post game, he’s not sure of the right mix at the moment, so we could see different lineups in the next few games


Our official attendance was just shy of 6900.
Granted there were some weekday no shows, but crowd was really into it when many would left with seven minutes left.

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Fade material.

Pretty much did that to everyone . . . . .

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