Ron Holland

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Do we have any shot?

Told yall :writing_hand:

Monster news. if he goes to UK they will have the greatest freshman class ever. So lets hope not lol.

Paging Landon…

Hopefully he sees that we have one ship open and need a stretch 4. Plus UH is now in the Big 12 in Texas close to home.

Jarace Walker played nicely as a true freshman here and is about to possibly be a Top 5 pick.


Guess Arkansas threw the whole bank at the guy?

We have an opening!!! Fertitta get the NIL ready!!!


Has Tilman Fertitta done an NIL yet with Houston?

with Tilman owning both casinos and a pro basketball team, NIL for college bball players may be considered a no no.

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How do they feel about people on the BOR dropping bags?


Kentucky won’t be a threat as long as Calipari is over there

If I were him I’d come to Houston or Michigan State

UH offered, but not sure we were in serious contention. Let’s make a healthy NIL offer but not break the bank or cause friction in the locker room.

Most likely 1 and done.

Sampson backed off a long time ago.


I think he goes ignite

I think Kentucky is going to offer $3 million for 9 months of school :exploding_head:

Surprised ole miss is t on this

We know Mattress Mack bets on games

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And in the same breath goes on and on about how gambling shouldn’t be legal.

What a Hypocrite.

He can give whatever he wants to the collective….

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Yeah, I appreciate all he has done for the city in so many ways……but I don’t need to hear him spouting off about if you want to bet drive to Louisiana….

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I’m against gambling in Texas because I don’t want more people here. But I gamble like Hell. Can you imagine all those tour buses backing up traffic on their way to Clear Lake or Kemah? Keep the Friday Night Freeway Phantoms in Bossier City.