Russia threatens Finland Sweden

If I were Finland or Sweden, I’d give Putin the one finger salute and join NATO, you know, just to spite him.

Eventually, somebody needs to tell Putin that he isn’t their ruler, and can’t dictate their foreign policies to them.

Their country……THEIR choice.


Does that make me “pro-choice?”




I doubt Putin does more after this but if he is that concerned about Finland etc , he could have grand designs on Europe. Remote possibility.

I think the right question here Sweden and Finland could ask is…“You and what Army?” Last time I checked the vast majority is a wee bit south for those types of threats right now.

Slow clap…that was funny at the end.

Are you out of your mind? You want to add fuel to the fire? This is the types of decisions that have led to this. The d.c. foreign policies have been catastrophic since President Reagan left. Bush senior and Schwarzkoft were 100% right to stop at removing hussein. We all know what brought our so called intelligence with the never found weapons of mass destruction and our 20+ years Afghanistan debacle.
The same morons are at the helm. They have put us into this predicament. You keep writing that it is Ukraine’s choice to join NATO. The role of real military leaders should have been to tell Ukraine no.
Not only these past presidents failed the world but they also told Ukraine that we would help them when they gave up the nukes. Did they?
putin decides to go after Sweden and Finland? Of course we will defend them. putin has nothing to gain to go after them. These are not Slavic countries.

Furthermore the U.N. has been an absolute disaster. They are costing us $B’s with NOTHING IN RETURN

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Russia doesn’t dictate to other countries which alliances they can and can’t join.

Letting him do that is the same sort of appeasement that helped Hitler.

We won’t make the same mistake with Putin.

As I said, I hope that Finland and Sweden both give Putin a big F-U……and join NATO.

Point: an autocrat can’t tell democracies what they can and can’t do. If you let them, then he’s already won.

Stop appeasing Putin.


You contradict your own premise.
Since 1991 we have done everything contrary to what President Reagan achieved.

Do you think President Reagan would have been on board with expanding NATO like we did and want to? This very same policy led us to today; which, is in itself your answer.
President Reagan rebuilt our military and achieved piece through strength not by expanding NATO.


Reagan was the ultimate anti-Russia/anti-Commie president.

Had Finland and Sweden wanted to join, then just like the rest of Scandinavia, they would have been welcome! I can’t imagine you’d think otherwise.

Just because Sweden and Finland haven’t applied in the past doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t do so today.

Hell, Finland would be one of the few NATO nations that already meets the 2% GDP towards defense threshold if it joined.

So I say……COME ON BOARD!!!


You have not read or learn one thing what President Reagan’s vision was post soviet era.
When you cook on your grill do you add alcohol fluid right on your flames?

Do you always give autocrats what they want, and kiss their asses? I’m beginning to think so, given the way you suggest we do the same with Putin.

Don’t let an autocrat like Putin tell the US and other countries what to do. It’s their choice, NOT his. And unless one of them attacks his country, he’s not allowed to use force to stop them from making the choices that they prefer.

Russia can’t stop Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, or anybody else from aligning with democratic countries and joining NATO.

Can China tell Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea or Japan with whom they can align? I think not.

Same goes for Russia with respect to Finland, Sweden, and Ukraine.

And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!

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Did I ever write “kiss their asses?”
“kiss their asses?”
“kiss their asses?”
Where are we today, today with putin invading Ukraine?
How is your strategy working for you?
biden cuts off our own energy independence? It gives putin $Billions in return.

90210…how is it you are an expert regarding everything, regardless of topic and your never wrong(even when proven wrong)?

Truly insufferable.


This right here. The right to national determination. Until recently, Finland and Sweden held their neutrality as a shield against Russia, but it now becomes a magnet. The Swiss can remain neutral because they are stuck in the middle of cuisines :slight_smile: Too, they serve a purpose internationally (like the Swedes) for prisoner swaps, humanitarian issues, etc. which need a neutral broker.

I’ve haven’t made a post since last Sunday and glad I’ve haven’t. But this is The Post of The Year IMO. :wink:

Edit: OK back to seclusion.


This is what 90210 and perhaps a few others don’t understand.

Quote: In Sweden, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson addressed Moscow’s statement in a joint news conference Friday with Sweden’s military commander Micael Byden.

*I want to be extremely clear. It is Sweden that itself and independently decides on our security policy line,” Andersson said.

Well said.

Every nation’s foreign policy is its own to decide.

Putin doesn’t decide it for them. It is their decision and theirs alone.


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