Russian Three Star General CAPTURED in Ukraine

Ukraine has learned and adapted and its troops and tactics have gotten better.

You have to wonder how long Putin will keep it going before his own people turn on him.

I have read reports Russia has depleted almost 20% of their military assests in Ukraine.

Turns out it is not as easy as rolling into Syria.


Holy crap, he’s a bigger idiot than I thought. What’s another explanation for stopping a war of aggression (largest in Europe since WW2) other than helping the Chinese?

Good lord….

Also, looking at his exchange rate chart, he likely has no idea how Putin did that. Spoiler alert - it’s not about winning the war.

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Tucker is a Russian apologist and seems to be on the Russia Today payroll.

But it fits and is on brand…they would rather be Russians than Americans.


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That’s a lot more “commie” than anything on this board.


Just look at those two ugly fat-assed stupid people.

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Ukrainians are getting some of the best military equipment and training from the U.S. it’s really paying off in turning the tide of the war.

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It is also cha ching for the sale of our weapon systems. Saw a report nations are calling to by some of our systems.

This was pretty clever…lol

Yikes that’s real !

Yeah, Biden was RIGHT in calling out these
mega cretins.

The Benny Hill and Curb soundtracks made it worth it!!


Amazing what has happened to some conservatives. Since the Soviet Union fell they actually believe gay marriage is the biggest threat to America today. They love Orban in Hungary and Putin in Russia because they represent a sort of Christian Chauvinism that seeks to place white Christians ahead of others. While that might make some sense in a homogenous society like Russia and Hungary, not sure that flies in the US. It’s why they are having so many problems.


There are huge moral problems in the Russian army. Lots of desertions and refusing to fight. Many of the soldiers question why they are attacking the Ukraine in the first place.

Yes!!! Deport the Communist MAGAts!!!


Yeah, it was Trump’s idea.

More controversial he seems the better he figures for his ratings. It’s show business as far as I am concerned. They don’t love you, make them hate you. At least your relevant


Then their is this too…

Voted against Ukraine and supports overthrowning our democracy.


Cult over country.


Louie is out of his mind. He’s embraced nearly every single conspiracy theory all the way back to 9/11. Truly, he is not dialed in to the real world.

The Russian military is an esteemed institution in Russia because of their actions in WWII. Putin can’t lay the blame (deserved or not) entirely at their feet as they’ll topple him in an afternoon. Even as dictator, his power isn’t absolute. What a poopshow.


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