Russian Three Star General CAPTURED in Ukraine

Read my lips.

If it’s political which is against the rules here. There is context there you’re missing or ignoring intentionally.

That’s a political comment sir. As in stating that “someone” made the decision “with approval” to supposedly go “half way”, in the eyes of someone expressing a subjective political opinion.


It is so weird, that those who oppose supporting ukraine seem to repeat Putin talking points and are seen as useful to the Russian agenda on RT state media. I was surprised speaker Johnson actually put the US and its foreign interests first before Russian ones. It will likely cost him the speakership.

I am glad we will continue support Ukraine.

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Sometimes you just have to stand up to the bully. In this situation there are multiple bullies and some really dumb people drunk on power. There are no bigger bullies than Putin and Xi, they have to be stopped here so we aren’t fights WW3 later. Appeasement never works, history has proven that.

But although the opposition seems to be heavily influenced, making sure everyone is chipping in at an equal level in the defense of Europe is a valid one. Given the troubles we have at home, others should understand that it needs to be equal.

The problem with the opposition is that their points are not without validity. They are not correct in what they are advocating, history has proven that. But they have valid points and their points lead to a simplistic and misguided isolationism.

Anyone from the US is going to have a biased opinion on any foreign policy / war

Where you grew up / nationality is going to have major impacts on how you view other countries and wars

Americans tend to see the US as the golden child of the world while denying anything that we’ve ever done deemed unethical

That being said, in order for the US to continue being the most dominant force of the world, unfortunately we do have to police the world in certain ways

not agreeing or disagreeing with anything you said, just pointing that out

The host and underwriter for a party dictates the agenda, mostly without dissent.


I’m really skeeeeeered!!!

In fact…I’M TERRIFIED!!!




Russia’s state-controlled media is always threatening to use nukes. Ignore them.

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Guess its not so secret now.

mobile machine gunner…

Ukraine’s new ‘death scythe’ weapon able to take out Russian troops from 1.5 miles away (

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Putin is going to turn up the war rhetoric as we get closer to the election. We know what candidate he favors, the one that talks about “surrendering” to China and Russia, because they are not real enemies and they are strong dictators.

I think the European elections are worrisome.

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The Euro far right isn’t necessarily enamored of Putin though.

Italy’s new fascist president has openly opposed Putin and offered up a lot of aid to Ukraine.

Their fascists seem to not be with Trump on this, with the possible exceptions of Erdogan and Orban.

The Euro right is getting elected for one reason, well primarily one reason, refugees and immigrants. One of the main reason for Brexit too. Might work here as well.

Europe will never be multi cultural. Try as you might you can’t go to France and become French. You can’t go to Germany and become German. Immigrants will always be “those people”.

There is only two places on the planet were you can go to and become. The United States and Canada. Be proud that you are an American.