Sam Attendance

I’m in school in DFW, I don’t have alot of money but I try by going to homecoming and a new stadium every year, This year UH Baylor game.

But i damn well will spend my time watching the coogs on TV

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I’ll be in my seats for the Texas game this year.

I’ll be in Charleston for the basketball tournament this year and one home game.


Im bringing 4

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It will look like our fans are practicing social distancing in the stands.


Sam Houston will show.

And those blue unis connected with a lot of people who are now big Coog fans and they will represent ZERO.

I don’t think so Funk. I hope we win and win big but I truly think most of us are in agreement the program needs a major over haul .
Hoping someone can come up with the money to buy current contracts out.
I figured we would get hammered last night but never dreamed the offense could out do the defense in ineptness.
The Texas game is probably going to be even more embarrassing.

Texas is one key injury away from being beatable for us.

We seem to always have key injuries.

Obviously, not wishing anything on anyone. But, who knows what can happen that late into the season.

Come out to any of the Alumni/Life Member or Cougar Pride festivities before the game…going in a little buzzed helps ease the eyesore of opening our drives by running up the middle 2x and then going long, and then punting…rinse & repeat :melting_face:

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Shsu already had their one houston game to travel to

Oh by all means. That’s a genius statement to make considering it’s a regional rival for them and the number of alums living IN Houston.

Sam Houston is our Super Bowl


My God, if we lose to SH the meltdown on here will be biblical (old testament).

Would that be enough to get the bum fired immediately?

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He shouldn’t survive a loss to Sam but probably will. Need to crowd source his buyout.

Should we rush the field if Sam wins?


This is why you have to announced a QB change by Tuesday to give the Houston faithful some hope and something to look forward to.

If you start Smith it may get ugly.

Even Nick Eddy was putting points up even though he was a bad QB for a winless team.

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Holgo is so stubborn I would be shocked if a QB change happens.

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It’s time to circle the wagons and support the team. Despite the last two games, we can still win the next two and maybe give UT a run for their money. Go Coogs!


Dana is drunk logging into coogfans again.


35,044 was our official attendance. Much better than I expected!!


I’d say no way look like 25000. Maybe 35000 tickets sold.

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