Sampson post game Temple

Technical was on the tie take off

He takes tie off every game. Solution stop wearing tie.

My question was why was the ref looking back at him with the ball on the other side of the court? What a thin-skinned soft ear ref. He always throws his tie to the team manager.


To make it worse, Sampson took the tie off after a bad play by a Coog player which is generally the case.


Like he said, we will lose some more games. This is a teachable moment.

We should make tie throwing our thing. bring ties on the 31st and throw them when temple comes out


Not a bad idea - students should start wearing ties. Temple Tie night.

Coach has the right perspective - even with the bad and marginally bad calls. This is a teachable moment - agreed. Don’t let a small battle ruin the strategy for the war.

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The UH basketball program and athletics marketing should promote this!


I’ve never seen anything more ridiculous and I go back to the Truman administration.

I do have one question: seriously?


We should start selling Sampson Ties.

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Only in college basketball can a coach taking off a tie decide a game. What a effing farce.


Last time I heard of someone getting in trouble for taking a tie off at the wrong time was when HCNY was in middle school and got detention circa 1978.

You don’t remember Penders getting one when he fainted on the sideline and had to receive medical attention? Tonight’s was bad but it has to be 2nd to Penders. I still cannot believe they let the T stand even after he had to be attended to on the sideline.

Edit: found the story


I confess to have missed that one.

I like to think I am creative but even I could not make that one up.

I edited my post after I saw you posted the article.

W.O.W. !!! :frowning_face:

I remember watching that game on tv. Totally forgot about it until you posted this.

Well, all these stupid calls by refs prove my point that there are many shady and stupid refs that take it upon themselves to decide the outcomes of games! Which should never be the job of the refs!


Yes. I posted on the other thread that I don’t think he makes that call in Houston. And that is what I find most disappointing.

I remember one time - in a tournament in Dallas - Eddie Sutton (then the coach at Arkansas, who usually had the refs intimidated even before the game started) literally THREW his coat out on the floor of the arena. No technical call was made by the refs. Like I said, Sutton usually had the refs in the palm of his hand before the games even started!