Sasser Update

More like Taze replaced Tramon and Kyler replaced Sasser


The worst case at the worst possible time happened. I am afraid the injury has sealed our fate unfortunately, just when everything was lining up perfectly. Very ouch indeed.

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Yea the difference would be TA taking Sasser’s starting position instead of Taze or Kyler so your starting lineup is already less experienced as a unit. Plus it doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or senior, if the game is too fast for you mentally, you’re going to make mistakes. It seems like TA the game speed for him is too fast making mental mistakes and not confident in his shots. Hopefully it was just the pressure from the AAC “championship “ game. But we need Sasser to make a deep run. He makes the game easier for the other players. People gotta focus on his offensive presence. Plus he a dog on the perimeter defensively.

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Found Pearland’s burner account


Lol. Negative nancy this new one.

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So you come here to spew this nonsense on your 1st post on Coogfans.

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I’m still rooting for the Coogs with or without Sasser. “Next Man Up”

Go Coogs!

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I personally think we’re capable of making a deep run without Marcus. Probably not good enough to win it, but good enough to get to second weekend. That said, there is no freaking way Marcus isn’t going to play.


Sorry, but you don’t win a Natty with your best player (by a long shot) hurt. He needs to be 100%. They may make a deep run and I would love to be proven wrong, but Im not avoiding the reality of the situation either. This was the best/perfect set up until the Sasser injury.


Sasser bout to BALL OUT TONIGHT!!!


Sasser with an easy 15 minutes tonight. Elvin with an easy 10.


I tried

Do they do “film” MRI reports ? ? ? ? ? Or are they all computerized and electronic ? ? ? ? ? I guess one could print them out.

I always think of Boobie Miles when I think about MRIs.